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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

Memories of abuse and invasion of my privacy

A stranger forces his way in. A leaky washing machine. And a staff-only menu.

Dream #1: Memories of abuse and invasion of privacy


Dream: I was at home (notion of the new house we moved into concretely but it was different in the dream). A social gathering was taking place. A woman was looking for the bathroom, but according to her, both toilets were dirty. But I thought the toilet in my room was fine.

Then, in our room, my husband Sebastian and I were with our baby. She was trying to sleep but opened her eyes in the meantime, so I made her sleep. Then I thought about my abortion, then I thought we had a little girl, so probably next time it will be a boy, and having a girl shows our receptivity. Then the unknown mother-in-law and Sebastian went to visit a relative.

While I was changing clothes, two or three women were with me. An unknown man inadvertently tried to open the door, so I quickly approached the door and asked him not to open it. His hand lightly touched my chest and he was now trying to open it more, pushing the door towards him. I was trying to get dressed quickly.

He pushed the door open and walked in, putting his fingers in my private parts. I told him not to do that, but he seemed to be influenced by his instinctive needs. I quickly exited the room (I was dressed) and saw my father-in-law sleeping.
I took his phone and pretended to call the police, talked about the abuse and went out. I got in a car and came here. I called Sebastian.

In the next scene, I was at home, as if the other people weren't there. I set the washing machine. A neighbor (a woman) was asking me some questions, including about our electric bill. Sebastian came over and said I had dreamed of an assault and I replied that it seemed that way. I noticed a little water coming out of the washing machine.

Dream #2: The muddy path to the restaurant


Dream: I went to see Mom to buy her a meal. I met her and we went in search of a restaurant. The ground was wet, muddy, we were navigating our ways, we got our feet wet. We held each other the whole way and arrived at a restaurant.

I ask her if I should call my girlfriend and she says "no". We enter the restaurant, there is no menu to order from but a menu is posted on a wall and when I ask to order that menu, the attendant tells me it is for staff only and the restaurant is not at that location. I don't remember the name of the place we were at, but it was familiar. I try to make up my mind and call for a regular order.


A stranger forces his way in. A leaky washing machine. And a staff-only menu.

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Memories of abuse and invasion of my privacy

A stranger forces his way in. A leaking washing machine. And a menu [...]



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