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The maid

An overly revealing Indian sari. Seeing herself as a female DJ. And a secret document at the university.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1: The maid

The maid - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I see a well-built woman who I know is the maid. She is wearing a traditional Indian saree, neatly pinned over her shoulder and neatly pleated in the front. Her hair is also neatly braided in the Indian way.

Then I am shocked when she turns around and I see that she is not wearing a petticoat under the saree, and since the saree is thin, I can clearly see her underwear and legs. I send her home and tell her to dress decently and only then go to work.

She throws her arms up in the air and starts muttering out loud words that I can't hear, but obviously displeased at being singled out like this. I wake up.

Dream #2 : Being a DJ

Being a DJ - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I saw myself as a DJ player playing DJ at a party. I turn up the volume too loud, then the event is over. I arrive at the restaurant, the theme is red. I see myself eating Momos with chopsticks, I also see a female friend sitting next to me, I teach her to eat with chopsticks.

Dream #3: About fear

About Fear - Understanding Your Dreams - Kaya

Dream: I was with my college friends, in the same room, with my girlfriend Sophia and other friends. We go to our college together and take the exam. The school is very big, there are a lot of blocks, a lot of classrooms, and I am looking for my exam room. I don't know which room. Then something makes me leave the school building, it seems that I did something wrong and I was afraid to be discovered, I don't remember what I did. I was holding a bunch of documents, papers and a flash drive in my hand.

Now, like I was in another country, I didn't know the road and I couldn't read the language of the street name. I tried to hide all the documents, the flash drive, this secret paper, I went to a secluded place, there was a cavity I could put everything in. But there seemed to be something that I couldn't put everything in, and I was afraid of being discovered. I left, and went to an acquaintance's house, and I saw a neighbor's baby there, which seemed to be his house.

I live in a state of fear, as if I am being chased, I am afraid of being discovered, I am afraid that others will see my hand. I couldn't and I continued to be afraid. It is a nightmare.

Someone was looking for me, a woman they were looking for and chasing me. I see that my parents know that I have this problem. My father was angry with me, he was lying in a corner, sad. My mother talked to him, explained and explained my difficulties. Then my father said that he was angry with me because I didn't tell him about my problem earlier, although he helped me a lot, he blamed me for solving the problem by myself. My father then started to help me solve the problem. He went with me to find a place to destroy this document.

This document, if anyone sees me, we will find out something, we have to destroy it so that no one knows. My father and I went through an area near the beach, like a market near the sea that sells fish and seafood. My dad and I were looking for a computer store to destroy documents. When we went to the beach market, we knew it was not the place we were looking for. My dad was about to take another route, but I told my dad that I wanted to go and see what the sea was like abroad, and that sometimes my dad would go abroad to see and experience this place.

We went straight to the back, the road was wet, dirty, and at the end of the street was the bathroom. We went to the bathroom. Then I saw that I was alone in my country. I was in a deserted place, like a border. Then I saw my mother outside to pick me up. I am still in a state of fear, fear of being discovered, because the documents have not been destroyed. Some people passed through the area, my mother tried to protect me, taking me home on the way.

Then a group of people said that there was a wolf in front of them, they said it seemed that the wolf was not dangerous. But when I heard the wolf and saw it, I was afraid. My mother tried to guide me to safety. While escaping from that place, on the way home, I met a group of people, the teachers from the college. I haven't seen them for many years and I feel like I'm meeting old acquaintances again, I can see that they have changed.

I went home, and with this fear, my father was about to wait for me to rest a bit and drive me to destroy the document. But when I got home, a woman who was chasing me called my father and asked him if I was home. My father was also scared. She found out that I was home and she was going to come to my house immediately.

I was so scared, I opened my dad's closet to fix the furniture, and I was so scared that I broke 2 chicken eggs in my dad's locker. It looked very dirty. I was afraid my dad would be mad about it, but at that time he was more worried about me than what I had done wrong. I woke up while I was still nervous, running away, not knowing where to run.

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The maid

An overly revealing Indian sari. Seeing herself as a female DJ. And a secret document at the university.