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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

The good Derrick and the monkeys (English version)

My cranky ex-boss. The 30,000 company phones. A flood.

Dream #1 : The good Derrick and the monkeys

The good Derrick and the monkeys - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I see my ex-boss Derrick (positive: sharp. Attention to detail. Negative: bully, slick, unrecognized, insecure in his position and prestige, unable to share negative news fairly) walk in our front door. He had a grumpy look on his face as usual. He walks in and sits down where my study table used to be in the house. I hand him a book and he notices some scribbles. I tell him I did them in seventh grade. He tells me: "Yes, yes... It's okay, it's because you're an engineer" in spite of his usual look. I feel good with him. It's comforting like he's in a listening mood, funny. Ready to accept his mistakes. Derrick, who to me is terror personified, seems like a nice man. He gives me two tasks: the first one, to go to a meeting at Calypso International (it was a TV tube manufacturing company, which later diversified into cell phones and computers and their respective peripherals).

And the second one: there's a flood at a location and I have to tell the customer that the company's 30,000 phones can be stored with us. I said, "How?" He said, "I have to camouflage them." I mispronounce the word camouflage and he helps me correct it. Derrick goes to look at himself at the hairdresser. For the first time. I notice he is wearing a pink shirt and has lost a lot of weight. I gather my guts and compliment him. I tell him he looks great and he says yes, that he has worked on himself. Then he leaves. He comes back and I see a backhoe digging on the road in front of my house. As I look over, I see that Derrick is talking to someone. He then asks me how the two jobs are going. I haven't even left the house yet, but to save myself from his wrath, I tell a lie that I went to a customer's house, but the customer wasn't there.

Suddenly I see monkeys trying to get into our room. I try to chase them away by closing the door, but one or two manage to get in. They have white talcum powder smeared on them. I see Abbie and/or Simon as a monkey too. Then I see that Abbie has to go to the bathroom. Just as we enter, a drunken chimpanzee comes in too and wants to pee. He doesn't say or do anything wrong. But because of his drowsy state, we let him use the toilet first.

Dream #2: Flooding on the road

Flood on the road - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I dream that I am in a beautiful apartment. It looks like a hotel. I am there with many people. I see the room decorated, it is open and fresh. And I see myself washing the dishes. While I am washing the dishes, Mrs. Kaitlynn (she is a businesswoman, materialistic and strict) comes and tells me that I have to wash it again.

Another scene: I see myself in a crowd and there are 2 ducks getting ready for a party.

Another scene: I see myself sweeping leaves off the concrete road. Suddenly, I see a man and a woman on a boat. I see that the water is high and covers the road. There is so much water. My body is in the water and I feel a little nervous. The water is rising much higher. I have to hold on to some trees on the road to stay in place. The woman and I are swimming and we see an old boat. It is a small Vietnamese steel boat. I ask the woman if she can lift me through the wave. She says: yes. We can go over this wave. And I wake up.


My cranky ex-boss. The 30,000 company phones. A flood.

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The good Derrick and the monkeys (English version)

My cranky ex-boss. The company's 30,000 phones. A flood. [...]



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