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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

The fight at the pool (English version)

I ask for a pink sleeveless sweater. In the pool with my sister. I am blinded by a flashlight.

Dream # 1 : The fight at the pool

Fighting at the pool - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: Before I went to sleep last night, I had a sore throat and since childhood I have been sick several times with throat infections. So I asked for a dream to help me look deeply into the memories that trigger this. In addition, I often suffer from lower back pain. I am an Indian national, I am married. And my younger sister is a special child. But, in the dream, other than the fight with my mother, it was her and me as we are today.

Dream: In the next scene, the rest of the people, including me, were white and my little sister had no physical disabilities. I understand that all these people and deformities are my dream: mom opens the travel bag and I ask for my pink sleeveless sweater. She tells me no, that she likes that one so she gives me a blue sweater with full sleeves that is too small for me, and I give it back to her I tell her she always does that.... She takes what I like and gives me the last remaining clothes after my sister gets them, while I had asked my dad for a pink sleeveless sweater when he was on a trip.

Then my sister (I don't recognize her, unknown), my mother (I don't recognize her either. Not the same as in reality) and I go swimming in an indoor pool; we see in the distance a young couple with a baby a few months old in the pool. We are in two pieces and I am aware of my body as we enter the pool. This couple says they are going to the lake and asks us if we want to come with them. We say no thanks. Then my mother leaves to change. My boyfriend (who I don't recognize either. And as an observer. I'm surprised because I'm married) approaches the pool and kisses me. He says he has to change and will be back. My sister and I start to swim a bit, because the pool is huge.

I notice a young man slipping into the pool on the other side of my sister, but I can't see his face. I feel like I can't see anything that's wrong. So I stay close to my little sister. We swim to the other side and on our way back. This man tries to get too close to my sister, so I push her a little toward the edge of the pool to keep her safe. Then I feel blinded as if by a flashlight and he tries to drown me. I hold onto the side bar of the pool and try to push him away with my legs. When my feet make contact with his body, I sense that he is a well-muscled young man and I am shocked when my feet touch his manhood (without underwear) and he is aroused. I quickly come to my senses and give him a big kick, then get out of the pool and run.

Later on. As an observer. I see my boyfriend lying by the pool and this young man (I can see him clearly now) is trying to charm my boyfriend. He tells my boyfriend that he drowned earlier in the pool and sought help. So he managed to hold on to me but I was kicking him and intentionally stroking his sex with my feet. My boyfriend was surprised and wondered if he should believe him.

While he was telling this, he managed to hold onto my boyfriend's harness (my boyfriend was wearing some kind of harness). He pulled my boyfriend into a position where he was trying to break his back. My friend managed to stick his fingers, thumb and index finger into this man's eyes and almost took out his eyeballs.

Finally, this man released the pressure on my boyfriend's back, one more moment and his back would have cracked. That's when my husband woke me up.


I ask for a pink sleeveless sweater. In the pool with my sister. I am blinded by a flashlight.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
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The fight at the pool (English version)

I ask for a pink sleeveless sweater. In the pool with my sister. I am [...]



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