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Dream Dictionary Signs Symbols The Source Code


Thanks to the symbolic language explained in this extraordinary book, you can decode your dreams and access the unique information they contain.
Cover: Soft
Number of pages: 954
SKU: 978-2-923654-02-7
Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
Language : French



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Over 15 years of writing

We often hear people say that they haven't yet found the right Dictionary to interpret their dreams, signs and symbols. The international bestseller, Dictionary, Dreams-Signs-Symbols, The Source Code brings a whole new vision of symbolic language and is now considered one of the most important references in the field. With its 880 pages, it helps us discover in depth the importance of dreams in our daily life.

A team of over 100 people

The conception and research of this Dictionary brought together more than 100 psychologists, doctors, professors and therapists from several countries who collaborated in its creation.

Symbols clearly explained in their positive and negative aspects

Each word is analyzed in detail with its physical and metaphysical characteristics as well as a synthesis defining the positive and negative aspects, which allows the reader to have an analytical and comprehensible vision presenting different possible variants of interpretation.

A word can sometimes have several explanatory pages, which makes this book very complete in every sense of the word. Readers will also find an introduction explaining the mechanics of dreams and the many angles and subtleties of dream interpretation and signs.

Expertise for the general public

This book, which is intended for the general public as well as for doctors, psychoanalysts, psychologists and therapists, offers a new look at symbolic language. Kaya shares with us that through dreams, we all enter into the heart of our memories, our potential and the probabilities of what we can become.

We also understand that both the metaphysical reality of the dream and the physical reality of the signs make us aware that we are constantly experiencing the positive and the negative of life in order to draw lessons and learnings from them.

Key words in this book

Dream Dictionary Signs Symbols The Source Code

Thanks to the symbolic language explained in this extraordinary book, decode your dreams and learn to [...]



You can trust your intuition to choose. If you are drawn to a particular book, there is a good reason for it! In any case, we recommend our Source Code DictionaryThis book is the result of more than 25 years of collective research and represents the most advanced work to date on symbolic language and dream interpretation.

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