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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

Sleeping in a glass room at the bottom of the water (English version)

Sleeping underwater. The man with the burnt face. And the escape.

Dream #1: Sleeping in a glass room at the bottom of the water

Sleeping inside a water body - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: There is a large lake with a small glass room at the bottom. I see a woman with a diving mask sleeping inside. She asks me to go down and sleep inside. I wear a similar mask and sleep next to her. Then I see another person come down and sleep next to me. Suddenly I feel uncomfortable and decide to get out of the water.

Dream #2: A man on fire

Man on fire - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: A man is looking directly out the open window of his car. He is sitting on his right side. His face is all brown. He is burning. His whole body is burning, even though I can only see his face.

Dream #3: Two dreams and a message about escape

Two dreams and one message about fleeing - Decode your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I work as a caregiver for a very rich person. The man doesn't believe his wife and he doesn't respect her. They are alcoholics. It was the night, Santhosh came to me for something and I had the Source Code dictionary on the table. So this man came into my room, I introduce Santhosh to this man. He came in to share his problems about his wife, he was very upset.

So Santhosh and I told her no, that's not the case. I told him she's not like that, she's a good lady. Then he looked at the Source Code dictionary and he asked me about it. Then Santhosh explained the list of Angels in another book and the man mentioned the Angel Mubahel. Santhosh corrected him and helped him pronounce it correctly. I was surprised, thinking that if there is only one Angel whose name starts with mu, it was Mumiah, so why is he pronouncing it that way.

Then he went back and made peace with his wife. They were happy. Then me and Santhosh said we were leaving, and for some reason they didn't want to lock the main door. I said, "Can you please lock it?". The man couldn't do it, because he was intoxicated. I helped him close it and Santhosh said good night and left.

I went to my room. They went to theirs, they were intoxicated and in love, they were happy too. Then when they woke up, they were in a friend's house and on the bed, his wife was there and in the bedroom, two other friends were there. He was totally shocked and upset, he was wondering how this could have happened, how they got there and he was cursing his wife and he was very ashamed.

In the next scene, it was his brother who did all this to get revenge; in fact, his wife did nothing wrong, but just to teach him a lesson, all this was planned and done by his brother. This man felt terrible, insecure and angry.

Another dream that happened in the same night. I am in my house and there is a secret passage that leads to another world. In the next scene, I'm in a workshop. And at the end, we are all relaxing. I play a song from my phone, but instead of the song I selected, another song started that was inappropriate for the place and everyone laughed at me.


Sleeping underwater. The man with the burnt face. And the escape.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
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Sleeping in a glass room at the bottom of the water (English version)

Sleeping underwater. The man with the burnt face. And the escape. [...]



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