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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

My dream house (English version)

A warm new home. The unexpected architecture. And the female encounters.

Dream #1 : My dream house


Dream: In this dream, my wife and I are moving to Bangalore and we arrive at a place with our luggage. It seems to be a futuristic temple. We both want to visit it before we go to our new home.

As we enter the temple, we realize that there are not many people inside. We are happy because we did not want to be caught in a crowd. The altar of this temple is usually empty and once every thousand years a being of light comes to show himself on this altar. However, people visit this temple mainly for the vibrations and energy it offers.

It so happens that while we are in line to go to the altar (there are no more than five people in front of us), there are many lights and the being of light makes its appearance.

My wife and I are completely thrilled and take this as a very positive sign in our impending action to move into the new house. After asking for the blessings, we feel transformed. We then pick up our light bags and walk to our new home which is on the other side of a wooded park.

On the way to the new house, we see a group of young children welcoming us to the new neighborhood. The brand new house is lit up and there is an aura of calm. We settle in with all our stuff.

Dream #2: Architecture students


Dream: I went to a store with some friends from college.

At the front, it's a grocery store. But when we go deeper inside, through a very narrow alley, we discover a grocery store, selling many interesting and beautiful things.

Then we go up to the second floor. I see children sitting in the corners. Lisbeth says that they are homeless and that they stay here.

Then Ciera tells everyone to go to the bathroom. It's very small and everyone slides into a little hole on the wall. It didn't fit my head, I couldn't get in like everyone else. So I made a door to go to the other side of the wall.

Surprisingly, there is a big room, cleaned and full of light. Many of my friends are there playing together, relaxing... There's even a nice bathroom. A big window. I thought, "The architecture is very good!"

Then I asked my friend if I could rent this room, and I felt that I could live here. It's close to my university, it's quiet, and I like the place. She tells me yes, and that I can talk to the landlord downstairs.

I go downstairs and I see a teacher with a lot of people. He runs after me angrily because of something. Then I run to the first floor. I see Kaya and Christiane talking with some students. I hide behind them. I think they can protect me, then Christiane leaves with a student, I feel like she has been taken away from me.

Dream #3: The heart moves downwards


Share: I wake up in reality and remember how my heart fell down and how it moved and how it was pulled down, like a bell would be activated by pulling on a string. In reality, I think I'd better try to go back to sleep. I fall asleep again.

Dream: We are three women in a cab driving down. We are sitting on the back seat, I am sitting on the left side.

One of the women and I get out of the cab and go back to the hotel. We are all wearing beautiful dresses, each of us has a different color. One dress is yellow. I feel that the other woman feels lost. Her hotel is further away.

New scene: we are again three women. We are doing practical work for the IRSS. Each of us has a book and follows her own path. We are outside. It is a beautiful summer day.

I have finished my work and am walking up the path to a friend's house. The path is in the middle of a meadow. I am doing very well and I have a lot of time. Everything is nice. I enter through the door of the living room. The young woman welcomes me. She sits on the sofa, I sit opposite her in an armchair. There is also a rectangular coffee table between us.

She asks me, "Do you have the time?". I answer, "I think so. I don't know how it's going to work out". She smiles happily. I walk over to her shelf, which is on the left side.

I take out a book from the publisher Suhrkamp library (they produce high quality books), she wrote the book. I read a few lines, then I put the book down.

I pull out another heavier book. For a moment I flinch, because I realize that she didn't write this book. I sit back down in the chair.

There are also other women living in this house. A heavier, middle-aged woman moves to the back, probably to the kitchen.

I'm outside and waiting to see how it goes. Kaya arrives, coming from the right side. He is wearing a yellow shirt. He is slightly further away and comes to the path where I am standing.

He disappears behind an object, so that I can't see him anymore. I wonder if I should go to him, I'm not sure he wants to be alone. I think to myself that Christiane might eventually be there and they would want to be alone.

Kaya also has his little pug dog with him. Other women also walk along the path to Kaya. Finally, this will continue. I am happy.


A warm new home. The unexpected architecture. And the female encounters.

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My dream house (English version)

A warm new home. The unexpected architecture. And the female encounters. [...]



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