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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

The shooting of the film (English version)

A scene of a child crying. My mother who is sick. My math teacher embracing me.

Dream #1: The shooting of the film

The film shooting - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: A movie was being shot. So the people there were waiting together in a nearby location. When the filming was over, I learned that the people who had come to shoot the film had cleaned the road, to shoot a scene of a crying child.
Night. On the premises of my school (in the dream it was not a school but a place of residence), my mother (% of jealousy, has difficulty taking positions for herself, narrow minded) was having some problems with a family member. I would talk to her at my house.
In the meantime, she probably had indigestion or an acid problem and I bought a medical syrup and tablets for her. The store was owned by people I knew (unknown actually) but I paid the shopkeeper anyway. She was happy about it.
Mom was materialistic (actually, she has a certain percentage of materialism too). I worried about her reaction when she saw my house (although I was quite happy with it). I felt like I was living alone.
An unknown friend told me that, for the time being, while mom was coming to live with me. We could stay at his place and he at mine. Our houses were adjacent to each other. I was happy to have his help.
Also, the chapatti machine in my house needed to be fixed, so I thought about it and gave it to him so he wouldn't have any problems. My friend was left alone. Like he was disabled and so isolated. But we understood each other.
We hugged and cried for what we did for each other. He helped me by letting us stay at his house and I was his only friend, despite the fact that he was disabled (in the dream, I felt like he was disabled. But physically he seemed normal).
Interpretation: the dream is negative and shows me memories of infidelity. On an intimate level. I need to work on my inner world represented by my mother. Self have a % of jealousy in me, materialistic attitudes and narrow thinking.
I'm already in a couple of relationships (probably getting married soon), so living at a male friend's house, kissing him and crying there, shows that I have a % of emotional dependency due to the fact that instead of seeing/resolving situations wisely, through infidelity I tend to fill that emotional void in myself. Such lack of understanding tends to make my physical world disabled.
For the past few weeks I have been working on my memories of infidelity. Since I started singing my birth angel physical Iezalel (13), and now the angel Jeliel (2), I have been shown % of infidelity in me.
Most often in these dreams, Bollywood is the common thread. Either I see myself in a relationship or married to a Bollywood actor, or an actor is in a relationship with two actresses.

Dream #2: Holiday home

The vacation house - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Sharing: This is interesting. The date of this dream was the same day as my husband's birthday.

Dream: My daughter and I were visiting a potential vacation home that we would use when we visited the city where my parents live.
When I calculated the cost of this house, it was 3 to 4,000 $ per week! And we planned to stay for 3 weeks. That was too much. So I started mobilizing again to make sure I had done the right calculations. If it was too much. We wouldn't stay there.
In the next scene. I was driving some friends somewhere. They were to drop off a package/gift to someone they knew in an apartment complex. I accepted without hesitation. It was on the way to where we were going.
As we were driving, I missed a turn. I took a small semicircle exit onto the highway to make a safe turnaround.
In the last scene, I was mentored by a teacher who reminded me of my high school math teacher. I was very eager to learn from him, and I felt very close to him. As a teacher.
He mistook my love for him as a teacher for interest in me. He kissed me on the forehead and cheek. I pulled away. I didn't want to have a romantic relationship with him. I ran away. Then I woke up.
When I was 16, I admired my high school math teacher. He was compassionate, he made his students learn, and I felt safe to express myself. The teenage years are mixed with hormonal changes and desires, which can often be confusing. I had romantic fantasies about him. Once I graduated and started college, the romantic interaction with him was very short lived. I quickly realized that my desires did not match reality. He wasn't right for me. The fact that he allowed it. was not good either.
Although I never had such an interaction in my life again. It was the beginning of a pattern of being attracted to authority figures in my life - with feelings of infidelity involved. I feel like this dream is showing me that I am at the end of this pattern, and that I am in a new phase of commitment to working on the relationship I currently have with my husband.


A scene of a child crying. My mother who is sick. My math teacher embracing me.

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The shooting of the film (English version)

A scene of a child crying. My mother who is sick. My math teacher [...]



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