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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

J'ai l'oeil gauche collé (French version)

A difficult awakening. An invisible computer. And an annoyed darling.

Dream #1 : I have my left eye glued

My left eye is stuck - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: My left eye is stuck and I can't open it even though I force it. After a while, I finally realize that it is not glued, it is well open but as my eye is revolted I cannot see anything.

By running my finger over it as if to move a touch screen, I realize that I can see in images the dream I had. In these images there are many animals, beautiful landscapes and also some not so beautiful. For example, there is an image with a lot of green elephants and another one representing an arid landscape devastated by fires. I tell myself that I have to memorize these images to remember them when I wake up.

In my dream I wake up and I put off the alarm clock again because I still want to sleep more and continue my dream. Then I dream again, and I hear noise and voices in the common stairwell of the building. I wake up again in my dream and I see that there is water on the floor of my living room/bedroom.

Dream #2: Visions

Visions - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I am in bed, I realize that I see things in the metaphysical, like visions. My darling arrives in the bed. I see a vision of a laptop computer on our bed.

I hesitate to tell him I have visions, I don't know if it's right. I am afraid. I decide to tell him that I am seeing a computer on our bed and that I am afraid I am seeing things in vision. He is a little annoyed by what I am telling him.


A difficult awakening. An invisible computer. And an annoyed darling.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
Presented in French


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J'ai l'oeil gauche collé (French version)

A difficult awakening. An invisible computer. And an annoyed darling. [...]