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Coloring with the Angels - Anya at school


Go on an adventure with Anya, a young girl inspired by symbols, who goes to school and lives her multi-dimensions to the fullest.
Cover: Soft
Number of pages: 76
SKU: 978-2-925095-02-6
Language : French



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A new series of coloring books

In this first volume, children can learn that school is very important in their lives... it's not just a place to learn to read and count, but a place where all the basics of intellectual, emotional, physical and social learning are developed.
This book helps the child understand the importance of the multiple qualities and multi-dimensions that are developed in a school setting.
Also, the next coloring books will focus on other areas of the child's life, always with the aim of bringing him/her to realize that, no matter where he/she is, the important thing is to improve, to develop qualities and to become a good person.

Why a coloring book?

There are many coloring books available nowadays, but very often the drawings at the educational level may lack the content to represent the values and qualities that the child is unconsciously looking for.
Several parents have told us that they can't find beautiful coloring books anymore and this really got our attention! ... why not make beautiful coloring books?
This is why each drawing is conceived in a very positive, benevolent way, so that the atmosphere created by the child leads them to develop harmonious and beneficial emotions for their evolution and their loved ones.

About the author Jennifer Cabley

"When I was drawing, I asked myself so many questions. Would I like to be in this landscape? Is the atmosphere beautiful, the characters happy? Is the building structured? If I were there, would I feel good? Is my drawing right? What message would I like to transmit?... Through the realization of this coloring book, I have truly traveled in different spheres of my consciousness.
I invite you to take this journey through coloring, using the colors that make you feel good and questioning your feelings. When I made this booklet, I imagined creative colorings with multiple shades, colorings with patterns, others made with markers, paint, colored pencils, pastel... I imagined budding artists adding additional drawings to their colorings. I also thought that some might have the idea to tell, or write a story about coloring.
Today I am lucky to be a happy woman, fulfilled in my couple, and mother of three beautiful children to whom I have in heart to transmit my taste for the drawing...
Creativity is like the Universe, it is infinite." Jennifer

Coloring with the Angels - Anya at school

Go on an adventure with Anya, a young girl inspired by symbols, as she travels to a new place in [...]