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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

Um... Falling in love!

When love makes you suffer. To look for the soul mate, the twin soul. And find hope in love.


Description of the conference

Most people "fall" when they are in love... It is not surprising that this expression has become normalized because, in most cases, love causes pain and wounds; these wounds are sometimes repressed and hidden, without the person even being aware of it. These memories, however, will attract situations via resonance. Hum... what exactly is resonance?

In her conference, Christiane will share concrete situations, signs and dreams that will help you better understand the Laws of Affinity which indicate an important potential for longevity and happiness in a couple. She will also share how to repair and better communicate in conflicting relationships.

Have you found your soul mate, your twin soul? Are you looking for her? Where to find her?

A conference that will give you hope in love, if you had lost it...

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About the conference
10 April 2019
Montreal : 15:00
Paris : 21:00
Presented in French

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Um... Falling in love!

When love makes you suffer. To look for the soul mate, the twin soul. And find hope in love.