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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

Healing with a confidant (English version)

A healing music. The tunnel that closes. A very special zoo.

Dream #1: Healing through a confidant

Healing through a confidant - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: In this dream, I saw myself in an architecture classroom.
I learned the healing music and we practiced together with a partner who was a woman. She sat across from me.
I started to tell him where my depression problem came from. It had come down through the generations in my family.
When I told him. I felt so sad and started to cry. Then I hugged her tight and cried even harder.
I felt like I was being healed from the inside out when I let the tears out.

Sharing: In this dream, I visited depressed memories about learning difficulties in developing ideas, planning, structure, design and organization of a project or life situation. From within myself, I recognized the negative emotions and let go / felt relieved of all negative emotions.

Dream #2: Stuck with a locomotive inside a tunnel

Stuck with a rail engine inside a tunnel - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: I was working with the angel Melahel. Before going to bed, I asked the angel to show me the blockages (memories) that have caused my skin problem for so many years. I had the following dream:

Dream: I see a green engine entering a tunnel. I travel by holding onto it on one side. There are also a few other men like me.
As we enter the tunnel, its diameter starts to decrease. The engine is also trying to get smaller to get through it. I start to feel like I am going to be crushed in the process. I move frantically to avoid hitting the tunnel wall. I suddenly wake up feeling very claustrophobic. I decide to continue the dream and close my eyes.
The engine slows down and stops because it can no longer pass and I get off. I decide to go to the end of the tunnel where we entered. I see that other people are also getting off and they are blocking the passage. But I tell them to leave quickly because I was feeling very nervous and wanted to get away. I then walked to the entrance of the tunnel and began to see the opening and the daylight outside. I felt a sense of relief.
In the real world, I am constantly having very short dreams or visions where I am trapped in enclosed spaces and I wake up with a start. However, in this dream, I felt that I had to make an effort to get out of this uncomfortable situation & so I closed my eyes again to continue the dream asking the angel to help me. I felt happy at the end of the dream when I saw the light.

Dream #3: Cute pets and snakes

Cute pets and snake - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I was in a zoo. The zoo seemed to be separated into two sections: a pet section and an animal section. I went into the pet section because I wanted to see cute animals. I saw some cute dogs and cats coming up to greet me and I really enjoyed my time there. I even complimented the uniqueness of this zoo, because most of the time, zoos don't have dogs and cats. As I was walking towards the pet section, I suddenly saw a huge snake hanging by the door. The snake was yellow and black, and it was a gigantic snake (possibly venomous). It crawled up to my head. I was so terrified that I was not able to move my body at all. I woke up from this dream. I immediately looked above my head for the snake. Even though it was just a dream to me, I was still terrified, so after this dream, my head was full of images of snakes. I wonder what happened to my inner mind. What kind of obsession could I have right now? In the morning, I thought about that dream again. It could be the result of a comic book I read during the day. There was a scene where the main character was trying to escape from a cave full of snakes and I was quite terrified. Also the next day, my husband brought home a snake (a type of fish with a snake-like head) that was also yellow and black. It was a very ugly snake, but my husband seemed to like it very much. The image of the snake that I saw in my dream could be a prediction of my husband's new fish.

Dream #4: The magnetic river

The magnetic river - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: In my dream, I saw a river floating on the road in front of my house. I was standing at the door with my friends. I jumped into the river. The water was very condensed, so I was barely moving. I came back to the door, out of the river. I grabbed a handful of the thick liquid, and threw it at my friend. The liquid was drawn to the river, as if there was a magnet in the liquid and in the river. Then the river disappeared, the road was badly damaged. Some road workers came and repaired the road.

Dream #5: Fear Analysis

Analyzing fears - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Sharing: I can't remember my dreams yet. So I would like to share the dreams of my children's nanny. She has lived with our family since she was 13 years old, over 10 years ago. She considers my house her second home, and she loves my children very much. Before I had my babies, I didn't like her very much. Now I recognize that she has many fears that mirror my own. She has four recurring dreams. They are recurring dreams.

1st dream: she saw herself naked around some people. She was trying to find clothes to wear. But she couldn't put them on and felt very ashamed.

2nd dream: she was looking at a very excessive light and squinted her eyes.

3rd dream: she saw herself driving a car with a friend on a road that was sometimes very straight, sometimes with many ups and downs. It was like that all the time. The car was also driving automatically at certain times. She was extremely happy because she had not practiced driving yet. But she could drive the car well. She drove the car in the dark night. But when she reached her destination, she realized that she was driving my father's car and she had not turned on the main lights.

4th dream: she was in her house, whose floor was covered with cement. And the walls were rough. Not painted at all. There were 3 rooms in the house. Her mother, her little brother, her cousin and her brother's friends were staying in the house. She was afraid to lose the phone, so she looked at it and played with it. The phone was charged by the temporary white battery. She put her phone under the pillow because she was afraid someone would steal it. But when her cousin and her brother's friends said goodbye and went home, she couldn't find her phone. She was afraid she had lost it and thought her cousin had stolen it.

Sharing: I think it's no coincidence that she told me these dreams. These fears are, to a high percentage, related to my own fears.


A healing music. The tunnel that closes. A very special zoo.

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Healing with a confidant (English version)

A healing music. The tunnel that closes. A very special zoo. [...]



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