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Family and balance

Kissing without brushing your teeth. Playing "Among us" with real astronauts. And an emergency siren.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1: Family and Balance

Family and Balance - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: 1st scene: In the bedroom, upon waking, with my wife. At first, she kissed me on the lips. At first I felt a little uncomfortable because I hadn't brushed my teeth and washed my mouth; after that I didn't feel uncomfortable anymore but happy. Suddenly, my daughter also woke up (she always sleeps with us in the dream and in reality too) and saw it and she asked curiously, "What are you doing?" We were embarrassed to answer her that "We take care of each other".

Scene 2: I was living with a group of people (unknown) and I was playing soccer with some of them in a field. We were playing "free kick" together. One of them, who was Spanish, shot the ball and another one, Italian, kept the goal, but the ball was out of the goal. I wanted to play. I placed the ball and prepared to shoot; however, I took too much time to think about the scenario and adjusted the ball... suddenly the ball deflated and I could not play.

Scene 3: In the kitchen, I wanted to take tap water to drink and the Italian (from the second scene) stopped me from drinking it and told me to boil the water to drink it for safety. Finally, I realized that he was a chef in a restaurant.

Dream #2 : Among us

Among us - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I was playing the video game "Among Us" with real astronauts. Five crew members, including me, were in a white laboratory. The stomach of 2 "alien" impostors opened its demonic and sharp jaws. They stabbed 2 crew members, I fled to the security room. I held my legs in the corner, sobbing over death. The emergency siren went off. The imposters arrived, stabbed and gutted me. My soul expired. I went to the cafeteria to warn the players. The imposters mimicked their teammates. The players started accusing each other.

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30 May 2022
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Family and balance

Kissing without brushing your teeth. Playing "Among us" with real astronauts. And an emergency siren.