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Alternate Breathing - Angelica Yoga - Lesson 1.14 - English Version

Description of the exercise

The practice of this breath stimulates the currents of elevation and incarnation of our vital energy. It helps us to conceive reality beyond matter and to develop the desire to be involved in it. This exercise allows us to balance our two polarities, masculine and feminine, receptive and emissive (ACHAIAH EMISSIF)

Physiological effects

- Oxygen for the whole body

- Balances the relative activity of the cerebral hemispheres

- Eliminates stress

- Helps to eliminate insomnia and to recover well

- May help eliminate tension headaches and chronic migraines

- Frees the sinuses

- Improves eyesight

- Energizes the whole body

Metaphysical effects

- Purifies the lower mind (the mental faculties limited by the influence
of instincts and restricted by rationality)

- Opens the third eye, promoting revelatory perception and development
clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance

- Facilitates study, concentration and problem solving

- Awakens the vital energy and intensifies its expression in the lower centers

- Increases the intensity, clarity and frequency of dreams

- Favors out-of-body experiences

About Angelica Yoga

Angelica yoga = yoga + mantra

The practice of Angelica Yoga allows :
  • The cleansing of our memories, the awareness of our karmas
  • Self-improvement through knowledge, awareness, deep understanding and initiation
  • Dream activation and the ability to remember, analyze and interpret dreams
  • The ability to recognize and decode everyday signs
  • Opening of the heart and the development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • The opening of the third eye and the development of spiritual intelligence
  • To deepen the study of symbolic language and the multidimensional understanding of symbols

A yoga of consciousness

In short, this initiatory yoga helps us to discover our universal, angelic nature.

Through the power of the mantra associated with sacred movements, an opening of consciousness occurs that allows us to get in touch with what is hidden in our unconscious regions.

Then, gradually, Angelica Yoga brings out from the depths of our soul the most beautiful and pure aspects of our being, until we embody the Angelic Qualities, Virtues and Powers fully, on all planes and in all spheres of our life.

Practicing Angelica Yoga

To practice Angelica Yoga is to learn to use the technology of consciousness to transform oneself and discover the multi-dimensions of existence within oneself.

Yoga teachers

Thibaut and Claire are teachers at UCM and have been practicing Angelica Yoga for many years. As an osteopath, Thibaut has used his knowledge of the human body and his expertise in Symbolic Language to adapt each exercise to its symbolic function. Claire is a nurse and her natural sensitivity and empathy allowed her to present these exercises with extraordinary depth.


This exercise allows us to balance our two polarities, masculine and feminine, receptive and emissive.

Sephira : Kether (Angels 1 to 8)
Topics: Angels, Yoga
Duration : 12:01
Presented by

English voice : Dru

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Alternate Breathing - Angelica Yoga - Lesson 1.14 - English Version

This exercise allows us to balance our two polarities, masculine and feminine, receptive and emissive.


Additional exercise

With the Angel 7 Achaiah

Each Angelic energy is represented by two Angelica Yoga exercises: one more emissive, the other more receptive. Complete your inner work on different levels with the other exercise related to that Angel.

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