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Being pregnant (English version)

Maintaining the light. A mountain pass. An accident in a tunnel.

Dream #1: Being pregnant


Dream: In my dream I see a huge open courtyard with a wide covered walkway all around. The courtyard is walled on all sides along the path.

I am standing in the covered area and looking out into the open courtyard. I see a girl (myself) standing there in the open space. I see that this girl (myself) is pregnant and she is radiating a golden light all around her. She was looking up to the sky and looked so calm, happy and full of life.

Then I look at myself, standing in the side aisle, and realize that I too am pregnant. I think to myself, I'm not married and I'm not in a relationship with anyone, so how can I be pregnant? Now, how am I going to explain to everyone that I am pregnant? Then I reassure myself that I can have an abortion if I want to and if the reasons are good, I can do it.

Then I look back at the girl in the open yard (myself). She was so happy to be pregnant.

In the next scene, I see myself in a very small room. It is only a few meters wide on all sides. I use this room to meditate. I arrive in this room after a long time and I see that the floor has become dirty. I start to clean it.

Then another woman comes in and also wants to meditate in my room. I tell her okay, but that she must also help keep the room clean. I see that she is also pregnant. I have a few grains of wheat in my hand to put on the floor after I clean it.

Dream #2: The rescue mission


Dream: On my way back to Switzerland, I am walking along a snow-covered mountain pass in good weather and am about to descend, when I see a large tunnel in the snow-covered mountain.

I see a strong man in a warm blue workman's shirt in front of me, holding two large ski-shaped boards at the top end in each hand; he pushes them forward, ready to be used as sled runners. I see a workman's cabin just outside the tunnel. I call out to the men in it, "If my husband comes looking for me, tell him he'll have to wait, I'm on a rescue mission.

I enter the tunnel and follow the man into its depths. Just as I reach him, I realize that there has been an accident. A woman has fallen flat on the floor of the tunnel, right at my right foot.

Oh, I could have easily stepped on her! I immediately crouch down to her level. She is wrapped in a brown/black blanket, her face uncluttered and very pale. She has short brown hair, like a mother of young adult girls in my yoga class; she looks strong and resilient like her.

I see that she is badly injured... Probably several broken bones: right collarbone, shoulder, arm maybe. I caress her face to comfort her and encourage her calmly, with confidence.


Maintaining the light. A mountain pass. An accident in a tunnel.

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Being pregnant (English version)

Maintaining its light. A mountain pass. An accident in a tunnel. [...]



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