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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

Departure in space shuttle (French version)

Develop telepathy. Digging in the ground with his head. And a mutation that goes wrong.

Dream #1: Departure in Space Shuttle

Space shuttle departure - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: It is soon the end of our planet Earth. I am with Laura, we are going to a space shuttle that can transport us elsewhere (another planet).

Many people also go there. To get there, you have to go through a gate. Laura can go through, but not me, I'm too old. In fact, only the children go through. The only adults who accompany are the professionals in connection with the shuttle. All is done in the calm one. I don't have any sadness, more a feeling as if our separation was not final.

When the children are settled, I tell Laura through the window that if we can't get in touch, every night before going to bed I will think of her and talk to her through my thoughts. In this way we will develop telepathy.

Dream #2: I want to escape from school

I want to escape from school - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: (Dream of a 5 year old boy) I am in the kindergarten yard and I want to escape from school.

I dig a hole in the ground with my head, because all the metal shovels are taken by the other children. I dig tunnels under the ground, I make straight lines, then I turn.

I think I have arrived at my house and I make a hole in the floor to get inside the house, but I arrive at a giant dressed in blue. The giant is mean. He has a robot that wants to catch me, but I have a knife and I cut off his arms, feet and slice off his head so he can't catch me, walk and see.

I go back into the hole and the giant follows me. I had made the holes straight and when the hole turns, I plugged the hole so that the giant would not follow me anymore. I arrive at my house, Mrs. Lucy, Mrs. Eve and Mrs. Rachelle have stolen our house. I have a gun.

I see Mrs. Lucie on the gallery, I ask her if she is a thief, she answers me: "a little". Then I take out my rifle and I make pow, I return in the house.

I see Mrs. Eve in the entrance I ask her if she is a thief, she answers me: "a little"; I took out my rifle and I made pow on her.

Mrs. Rachelle was in the kitchen looking for pigs' butts (bacon) in the freezer, I asked her if she was a thief, she said "a little". I pulled out my rifle and pow.

I dug a hole in the house, put back some solid boards, then I went to the house where mom, dad, Mathieu and Laurence lived. I tell them: "Come to the house, they follow me." We go into the house, there is meat in the fridge and we throw it in the garbage, because we don't eat meat.

Dream #3: The genetic mutation

Genetic mutation - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: There was a child, a young boy about 9 years old, accompanied by his father and mother. He had the ability to mutate genetically.

To do this they go to a laboratory where there is a learned doctor. The lab is all glass and very clear and bright and the transmutation begins, but the child is in so much pain that the parents ask to stop the experiment. Everybody is very afraid, panic emotions.

Then they leave, but there is an external danger (I forget what). To protect the child, they have no choice but to accept the mutation. The operation starts again, the scientist places in the child's hands rods like glass, optical fibres? They break in the child's hand.

Everything is going well. The child has become impervious to strong emotions such as fear or anger, too detached, a little cold even.


Develop telepathy. Digging in the ground with his head. And a mutation that goes wrong.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
Presented in French


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Departure in space shuttle (French version)

Develop telepathy. Digging in the ground with his head. And a mutation that goes wrong. [...]



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