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Cerebral ischemia. Meeting Rafael Nadal. And a gold-plated house.


Dream Interpretation

Dream #1: Continued

Continued - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share : I had a dream on April 12, 2020 where I asked this question to the universe, "Why do I still have this disease ("cerebral ischemia" very similar to "vestibular disease")?"

Before I go straight to the dream, I need to write briefly about my illness. After such a long time (about 3 months) of struggling with my depression. The state of my depression is now better. I found out that I could not turn my head to the right while practicing yoga. After that, I know I have a vestibular problem. I was having trouble going from sitting to lying down and back again. Things would get better when I switched between these two positions.

I decided to follow a treatment by the traditional Chinese medicine method in a private clinic (acupuncture and acupressure). It seemed to get better after a week. But I was still dizzy when I walked. I went to a hospital to see a doctor (western method). She helped me to eliminate the dizziness. After 2 weeks, I felt better but I still had headaches because of the cerebral ischemia. I went to the traditional Chinese medicine hospital and followed the treatment for more than a month. I am better now but I still need to be treated (maybe 1 to 2 months). Because I still have to take pills to improve the situation of "lack of oxygen to the brain". After having the MRI of my cervical spine, it was found that there were bulging discs (2 discs).

Dream: After talking with a man (not too old, not too young, not fat, not thin and it seems I have no sympathy for him). It seemed like I had agreed on something with him (marry him or something) but I was not happy. He wanted to kiss me on the chest or something. But just then, I pushed him away and spit up. I gave him a hard time. Then I said there was no need to be in a hurry!

After that, I made my plan, took all the money and left with another man. The man found out about my plan and asked his men to chase me. I asked some children for help. They helped me sweep up the dust to erase the traces. As I said before, I escaped in a car with another man. But behind the dust, I found that I was running fast on a road lined with fields. I saw a child and then a big truck as I ran.

Then... Big green liquids on the road that I don't know what they really are. It looks like they are slimy. I realized that I had run too far and had strangely arrived at a place I don't know. No one was running behind me. And I decided to go back to the other side of the road. I wanted to go to a big alley to find my way back and avoid being "chased."

In the alley, I met RAFA (Rafael Nadal - a very famous tennis player I admire). He was on his way back from the Wimbledon championship. He was wearing a white suit and had brought some tennis gear. I asked him, "Are you Rafa?" He smiled and nodded.

I went with him to a house. It's a gold-plated house. He and I went up to the top of the house. I met a man there. I found out that he was my new neighbor, and also Rafa's friend. I went to the balcony and looked out onto the balcony of a neighboring house. Then I saw my mother and Carl - my new manager. It looked like they were bringing something. My mom was wearing my three-color striped shirt (white, orange and red). It's something strange and weird because my mom never wears that shirt. And I feel like something is wrong. I feel a little nervous.

I ran to hide immediately. "My mom" and Carl went to Rafa's friend's house to look for me. As "my mom" walked to the stairs, she looked up to see me. Right after that, her face turned into a big golden mask (a mask they use at carnival).

I spoke out loud, "You are not my mother." I shot the face with a gun. Then the mask turned into another face. The particularity of this mask is that it has no mouth. The eyes are very large and mobile. They have no pupils. They are just like two mental prismatic forms.

Share: I woke up a little scared. I am working on myself and this dream is very important to me. I'm hoping the MCU can help me decode it. Thanks in advance!

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Cerebral ischemia. Meeting Rafael Nadal. And a gold-plated house.