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But who did we bury? (French version)

A funeral mistake. Two destinies that cross. And a cosmic joke.

Dream #1: But who did we bury?

But who did we bury- Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: For your information, in the manifested world, my mom just passed away from the coronavirus. Two months before she had a brain hemorrhage, and was no longer walking; she had become hemiplegic and was in a rehabilitation clinic.

At the time of my mother's burial, it was discovered that the name on the coffin plate was Charline instead of Charlotte, her real name. Charline was her bedmate in the same room for two months at the rehab clinic. She had the Covid19 before mom, she came out of it, cured.

They both got along very well. They had been born in the same country, the same city, had lived through the war, the same repatriation and had common memories. Charline was more plaintive than my mother. She was intelligent and very kind. She had helped my mother and my mother was very fond of her until her last breath. When we saw the name Charline on the casket, for my children, my husband and I it was like a cosmic joke! A sign from beyond. (Whoever engraved this plaque at the warehouse did not know the story of Charlotte and Charline).


A funeral mistake. Two destinies that cross. And a cosmic joke.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
Presented in French


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But who did we bury? (French version)

A funeral mistake. Two destinies that cross. And a cosmic joke. [...]