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Book of Angels, The Way of Destiny - Volume 4


The ultimate goal of our evolution is to develop qualities and virtues, to become a better soul...
Cover: Soft
Number of pages: 514
SKU: 978-2-923097-12-1
Theme: Angels, Dreams, Signs, Symbols
Language : French
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The book of angels, the path of destiny, a book that gives a deep meaning to the synchronicities of fate

Yes, destiny exists... it's always there... It's waiting for you...

"You think it's his fault, don't you? You, you didn't do anything... Are you sure that your silence didn't speak? That your silence didn't activate the problem? You would like the other person to be nice to you all the time, right? Did you know that the other person always represents a part of you? If you apply the Law of Resonance, you will enter into the greatest mysteries of the Universe... You will understand that life on Earth can be analyzed and decoded like a dream... "

Are you looking for answers to your questions? Yes, you can receive them. How can you do this? Simply invoke the name of an Angel as a mantra and He will reveal the answers in your dreams and through signs in your daily life.

By reciting the name of an Angel, you will enter the heart of Destiny and your divine potential. You will receive continuous and concrete guidance that goes beyond anything you can imagine. You will realize that life and dreams are made of symbols and that Angels are not little men with wings, but a representation of our ability to dream and travel with our consciousness in the multi-dimensions of Life.

This new book from the bestseller collection The Book of Angels translated into several languages and distributed throughout the world, reveals teachings on the mysteries of the couple, insecurity in the face of abundance, the multiplication of + and -, planning for the future, inner climate changes, what dreams and the power of the unconscious can create in our lives, as well as many other such profound subjects.

The basis of the teachings in this book comes from the work that human beings can do with the ancient angelic mantras, which goes back to the beginning of time. This work is simple, powerful and accessible to all.

The philosophy of Traditional Angelology can really help to understand and better live the current changes that humanity is going through. It shares essential knowledge for today's and tomorrow's generations so that they can positively face the challenges that lie ahead.

Through this book you will learn that matter is only one dimension of our existence; that there are multiple parallel worlds in which we can travel through our dreams and the study of symbolic language.

That the ultimate goal of our evolution is to develop qualities and virtues, to become a better soul. The Book of Angels, The Way of Destiny is not a book to be read and put in a bookcase to collect dust... it will write a new page of your life.

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Book of Angels, The Way of Destiny - Volume 4

The ultimate goal of our evolution is to develop qualities and virtues, to [...]