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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

Black belt in Karate (English version)

A new stage of karate. My husband is getting remarried. A man tried to touch me.

Dream #1: Black belt in Karate

Karate blackbelt - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I was in a karate dojo (school). A man humbly receives his black belt from his teacher. Then I see another man receiving his black belt. He too receives it very humbly. This is not the end of their learning, it is just the beginning of a new level of learning.

Dream #2: Second marriage

Second Marriage - Understanding Your Dreams - Kaya

Dream: I am informed that my husband is going to remarry. At first. I am not able to react. Then, later, I become very very upset and angry about it. I tell my husband that he can't get married again.
I check on the Internet and tell him that it is illegal to remarry while his wife is still alive and that if he does, there will be a lawsuit against him.

Dream #3: Sister, Brother, and Motorcycle

Sister, brother, and motorcycle - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Note: the person who received this dream is a man.

Dream: I am a young woman riding a motorcycle. I am driving down a road and stop near my brother. I start to cry and tell him that I was stopped by a man who tried to touch me. I tell my brother "it's because of your bad habits". He is sad and silent. It looked like a cold place because we were wearing a long thick coat. The bike and our clothes were black. The background was white.

Dream #4: Changing the light

Changing a light bulb - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: I am going through a difficult time right now, wondering if I should quit my job. Before I fell asleep, I asked heaven: is this the right time for me to quit my job? I don't remember much about my first dream - but when I woke up, I felt like I was in a hotel room and afraid of being kidnapped or confronted by an angry man. In the next dream. A man was climbing a tree to die. His family and friends were saying goodbye. In another excerpt, I was in a large meeting room. Some ceiling lights were broken, Haritha and Santhosh were changing them. They invited me to change one of the lights. I was able to reach one of the lights that was a little higher than the others.

Dream #5: Invite my guru

Inviting my guru - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I saw my guru in my dreams. He was going to walk past my house (he is a Jain guru so they don't use vehicles for travel). They walk and reach their destination. So he was going to pass by my house and I asked him to come and stay at my house. He accepted my request and came with his many followers. I had a very large house and an outside house with a large clean garden. He wanted to stay in the garden. When I opened the two stores to put all their luggage, I discovered that they were very dirty and I started to clean them with my helpers. We cleaned the room but when we opened the other room, it was full of dust and lizards. Many pairs of baby lizards. I opened all the windows and took a broom and threw them out. But they were like very stubborn and wouldn't come out. And one pair of lizards I saw was like kissing the other one. I couldn't do anything, but I still had to clean it up. I waited for the lizards to stop kissing and go away, then I took them out of the store and cleaned up. I kept all the necessary things in the room and went to the guru, where many other people were sitting listening to him.


A new stage of karate. My husband is getting remarried. A man tried to touch me.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
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Black belt in Karate (English version)

A new stage of karate. My husband is getting remarried. A man tried to get me to [...]



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