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Angelica Yoga for youth, Kether - Angels 1 to 8


Improve your concentration, stabilize your emotions and thoughts, connect to the deepest meaning of existence through a yoga adapted to young children.
Cover: Solid
Number of pages: 39
SKU: 978-2-923654-69-0
Theme: Yoga
Language : French



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Discover with Anya the benefits of angelica yoga for young initiates of all ages

With its educational and multidimensional approach, Angelica Yoga offers multiple benefits to children:

- Better concentration by practicing positive affirmation mantras during the exercise;
- Helps to calm stress and hyperactivity;
- Promotes emotional and psychological stability;
- Allows the child to grow and develop qualities such as patience and willpower so that they can improve and facilitate their learning and listening skills on a daily basis;

Through the practice of Angelica Yoga, the child develops balance, self-esteem and self-knowledge.

The study of metaphysics, of the symbolic understanding of things and beings is fascinating for the new generations. It is exactly what they need to stabilize their hyperactivity, their lack of concentration and their ability to reason at the speed of light.

The more the child is recognized as a spiritual soul in evolution, the more we give him/her access to metaphysical knowledge, the more he/she will blossom and finally find the deepest meaning of his/her reason to exist and to experience matter in daily life.

The educational dynamic of Angelica Yoga responds to this new evolution of humanity that is now activated in our youth. It is based on the notion of helping the young initiate to merge his or her spirit with matter in order to access the highest level of evolution; so that he or she can understand deep down that we are all angels in the making, beings who come to Earth to develop divine qualities, virtues and powers.

In this profound and unique book, the authors present a yoga that is accessible to all ages and physical conditions.

Angelica Yoga helps the child to learn, by evolving in his universe through the landmarks he knows. It allows him to develop his extrasensory perceptions as well as the understanding of the symbolic dimension. In this way, he is inspired and can awaken to his metaphysical dimension and his angelic powers.



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Angelica Yoga for youth, Kether - Angels 1 to 8

Improve your concentration, stabilize your emotions and thoughts, connect to the deeper meaning of [...]



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