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Angelica Musica Volume 5 - Complete Album (MP3)

An audio experience that renews.
Open your eyes within, go on a journey.

Instrumentals that resonate

In the depths of your being.

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CD version

A classic that can be appreciated.


About Angelica Musica

In the beginning

 The Angelica Musica present the instrumentals of the Angelica Meditations.

A custom-made composition

Music composed by André Leclair in collaboration with Kaya. This music inspires us with the essence of the Angelic qualities.

The music transports the listener to a very high state of consciousness, which brings the being into contact with inner peace. This music facilitates the memory of dreams. It is a way to relax, regenerate and open up your consciousness.

On each CD, as in the meditation version, there are 6 different Angelic Energies. Example: vol.1 : Angels 72 to 67, vol.2 : Angels 66 to 61 and so on. It will be with piano music with powerful melodies, Asian or African style or symphonic orchestration, etc.

Different musical styles that inspire us with musical colors from all over the world, Angelic qualities and virtues.


You can use the Angelica Musica to accompany your moments of meditation, for your daily activities, etc...

There is no particular context necessary to listen to these beautiful and inspiring tunes. Feel free to follow your intuition. : )