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Angelica Mantra - Volume 5 (Angels 49 to 60)

Discover the best of yourself. A mantra, an Angel, a quality to evolve in yourself. Improve who you are.

Mantra version

Find the mantra that speaks to you.

Angelica Mantra Volume 5 - Mantra Album (MP3)


Instrumental Version

Instrumentals that make the consciousness travel.

Angelica Mantra Volume 5 - Instrumental Album (MP3)


CD version

A classic that can be appreciated.

Angelica Mantra CD collection
  • Each CD set includes 2 CDs + a full color explanatory booklet, including 6 chanted mantras of 12 minutes each per CD.
  • On the Angelica Mantra Vol. 5 boxed set, we find the Angels 49 to 60.
  • Each Angel defines a state of consciousness linked to divine qualities and virtues that can be developed or deepened.

Voice and composition of mantras:
Music and direction: AndrƩ Leclair, Studio Le Plan A
Background vocals : Kaya, Dorian Sherwood, Frank Julian & Marie-Christine Depestre
CD cover design : Anthony Di Benedetto
Format: 2-CD set including an explanatory booklet with 6 chanted Mantras of 12 minutes each per CD, for a total of 12 Angelic Mantras of 12 minutes each, or 144 minutes of chanted meditative music
Production: Angelica Records & Universe/City Mikaƫl (UCM)

Angelica Mantra Volume 5 - Mantra Album (CD Box Set)


A unique voice and depth.
An extraordinary inner journey

Meditate with Kasara

Ancestral wisdom in a modern experience.

KasaraWith her angelic voice, she introduces us to the benefits of meditation and guides us deep into the multiple landscapes of our unconscious to help us discover our inner potential.

Her voice is accompanied by music composed by Canadian director AndrƩ Leclair (Cirque du Soleil). AndrƩ, who has an exceptional musical talent, has worked with many internationally renowned artists and projects at his recording studio Le Plan A in the Laurentians, Quebec.


A unique Zen and cinematic music composition for each mantra. Experience a new level of relaxation for a deep relaxation of your whole being.

About the Angelica Mantra

In the beginning

Asian cultures say "mantras" are the repetition of sacred formulas; in Traditional Angelology, the mantra is made with the name of an Angels, which is also called: the recitative practice.

The Mantra

The Mantra with the name of an Angel is a simple but very powerful tool that triggers dreams, signs. It is a way of cleansing memories and renewing our self-esteem. It is also a way of opening up the unconscious mind.

Its influence on our dreams

Through our dreams, we discover the positive and negative memories that inhabit our soul, our inner computer. Having become aware of the aspects that need to be worked on, the recitation practice helps us to reprogram these negative memories so that they become positive.

In this way, our dreams allow us to become aware of the modes of functioning that we have to rectify and the Angelica Mantra presented here by Kasara leads us to transform the memories that generate them.


Live concerts
Angelica Mantra

An inspired and multidimensional moment.