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Angel 5 Mahasiah - How to rectify your mistakes

Understand how to act while rectifying mistakes before materializing to create a harmonious life


Description of the conference

Prevention is better than cure

« A smoke detector issues an audible or visual alarm when it senses smoke thereby enabling rapid reaction that can sometimes save lives ». We too can develop this capacity of being aware of thoughts that sometimes generate « bad temper » that can lead our life, our potential to go up in flames. It is so easy to self-sabotage, to take more ordinary paths if we don’t rectify in time. One single word spoken at the wrong moment can engender a different destiny; the same goes for so many fields…

Regular professional dental hygiene can prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other problems. What about you…? If you don’t have good hygiene of your consciousness, what do you think will happen, right down into the deep structure of your memories? The eventual damage that overly instinctual needs can cause over time can accumulate and materialize in the form of loss of self-esteem regarding communicating well and difficulties nourishing oneself on different levels. Ah! consciousness, the unconscious… they are so powerful and interconnected…


This is classic… Lots of people want to rectify a behavior or situation but unconscious inner influences hinder such a change, such improvement even though it would enable them to gain stability, peace of mind and the benefits of simple, natural things. Human beings complicate matters so much at times… »



How to ensure it’s well done, at the right time? Let’s take the example of the right to abortion. Is it right and legitimate? Is it possible to rectify before materialization? Hmm… a very delicate subject that will be discussed in this lecture with teachings and real life experiences.


When we are stubborn, we limit our evolution and others’ too, but where does such obstinacy stem from? What kinds of memories could create it? Why do some people always want to be right, have the last word, and seek revenge via prejudice, preventing acknowledgment of their errors? Ah! Life is so simple when we have Knowledge…


Do you wish to develop this capacity to decode daily signs and nightly dreams? Learn the universal language and all of its ensuing facets? Then this lecture is for you…


Christiane Muller wholeheartedly welcomes you to this online lecture, whose theme is related to Angel 5 MAHASIAH. Through concrete and symbolic examples, she will explain how to develop the capacity to be in action, to activate great willpower to manifest and materialize while rectifying on the way when necessary, or to change direction as needs be so as not to miss the train, which is synchronized for a harmonious life…


It is time for humanity to learn symbolic language, to become angelic decoders via the understanding of the multidimensions that surround us and the apprenticeship of the symbolic meaning of everything that exists in us and in concrete reality.


This online lecture took place on April 24, 2023  and can be heard as a replay via your UCM subscription.


« Good decoding enables conscious programming of one’s life… »

Angel presented

"Prevention is better than cure..."

Excerpt - Understanding Angels

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About Understanding Angels


Easily understand the nuances of an Angel's energy.


Enjoy a moment of deep healing with guided meditations.

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The meaning of an Angel

Many people do not know what the symbolism of the Angel actually means...
Would you like to become the Angelic qualities, to dream, to travel to the center of consciousness and unconsciousness? Understand deeply how to develop Angelic powers in all humility, while being balanced, happy in your family and social life... while also succeeding in your professional life...

Spirituality, working with Angels, is in fact marrying spirit and matter. Would you also like to understand the multi-dimensions of your being and of the Universe?

If you are interested, then these courses are for you. Christiane, in all simplicity, will take you on a heartfelt journey through the Knowledge of the Angelic States of Consciousness, while understanding the role of "evil" which is always educational.

Concrete and living examples

Deep and touching real-life facts are shared to help you deepen the Knowledge of the symbolic language. Dreams and signs will be presented and analyzed with their metaphysical and physical depth.

Guided meditations are also offered to integrate the lessons shared. Each lecture is unique and can be viewed independently of the others.


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Montreal : 15:00
Paris : 21:00
Presented in English


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I didn't think it would be so interesting! Thank you Christiane for these beautiful teachings... I could better understand my Angel of incarnation now :)
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To be honest I didn't know about angels and I can tell you that Christiane explains wonderfully how to work with them. These conferences are a must see, whatever our beliefs.
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I had tears in my eyes because I was so touched by Christiane's energy... I recognized myself in all the examples and life situations given. I had chills, literally. I recommend these conferences without hesitation.

Angel 5 Mahasiah - How to rectify your mistakes

Comprendre comment agir tout en rectifiant les erreurs avant de matérialiser pour créer une vie [...]



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