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Angel 28 Seheiah - Happy longevity

Being afraid of the future. The impact of rash and impulsive actions. And the secret of happy longevity.


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Foresight and prevention: insurance

"I know that sometimes you have anxieties... you question yourself and wonder where we are going? What will tomorrow be, your future and the future of the planet? Is it possible to be reassured and protected, at all times, against accidents, illness, paralysis, job loss and the vagaries of life? Hmm... the mystery hovers... what exactly is presentiment, premonition and foresight... how do we develop these powers, these spiritual qualities? What is it that makes a person often worried and preoccupied for others, lacking confidence in Fate and the life plans foreseen by Cosmic Intelligence? And this even though one knows... why one is still worried? Because the start of a problem too often comes from thoughtless and impulsive actions, which can break an emotional, family or professional relationship... "

You wish to live a Happy longevity in all aspects... Then this online course is for you... Christiane will also share concrete examples of dreams and signs, experiences and multidimensional teachings that will help us to better understand how to live the events of our life, whatever they are... with Wisdom, through the examination of lived experiences, with the Knowledge of symbolic language and the practice of Angelic Mantras.

Welcome to this UCM lecture on Angel 28 Seheiah ... Christiane Muller welcomes you with her joy of life, her reassuring and inspiring energy, for this online course with Angel 28 Seheiah, one of the 72 Angels of Traditional Angelology.

"The secret of happy Longevity will be revealed to you... ???? it's a secret, but you'll be able to share it with all your friends ????..."

Angel presented

"All the happiness in the world."

Excerpt - Understanding Angels

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About Understanding Angels


Easily understand the nuances of an Angel's energy.


Enjoy a moment of deep healing with guided meditations.

72 Angels

Discover the facets of the 72 Angels to better understand their profound meaning.


In 1080P HD, turn on the full screen for an optimal viewing experience.

The meaning of an Angel

Many people do not know what the symbolism of the Angel actually means...
Would you like to become the Angelic qualities, to dream, to travel to the center of consciousness and unconsciousness? Understand deeply how to develop Angelic powers in all humility, while being balanced, happy in your family and social life... while also succeeding in your professional life...

Spirituality, working with Angels, is in fact marrying spirit and matter. Would you also like to understand the multi-dimensions of your being and of the Universe?

If you are interested, then these courses are for you. Christiane, in all simplicity, will take you on a heartfelt journey through the Knowledge of the Angelic States of Consciousness, while understanding the role of "evil" which is always educational.

Concrete and living examples

Deep and touching real-life facts are shared to help you deepen the Knowledge of the symbolic language. Dreams and signs will be presented and analyzed with their metaphysical and physical depth.

Guided meditations are also offered to integrate the lessons shared. Each lecture is unique and can be viewed independently of the others.


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Montreal : 09:30
Paris : 15:30
Presented in English


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I didn't think it would be so interesting! Thank you Christiane for these beautiful teachings... I could better understand my Angel of incarnation now :)
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To be honest I didn't know about angels and I can tell you that Christiane explains wonderfully how to work with them. These conferences are a must see, whatever our beliefs.
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I had tears in my eyes because I was so touched by Christiane's energy... I recognized myself in all the examples and life situations given. I had chills, literally. I recommend these conferences without hesitation.

Angel 28 Seheiah - Happy longevity

Being afraid of the future. The impact of rash and impulsive actions. And the secret of a Long Life [...]



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