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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

A fall and an initiation recovery


Description of the conference

De-structuring to rebuild...
Pride goes before a fall... how many times have we heard this phrase and understood that the needs of the ego, the projection of fault, the failure to see our own faults and shortcomings can indeed cause problems and falls on many different levels.
In this web conference, Blánaid will share her personal experience of a fall into concrete reality and the profound teachings that came from it and that deepened the understanding of the evolutionary and initiatory path of self-improvement and development of qualities. She will explain the different steps - positive and negative - of the path of reconstruction towards a deep healing with the help of analysis and decoding with the universal and symbolic language.

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About the conference
09 November 2023
Montreal : 15:00
Paris : 21:00
Presented in English

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A fall and an initiation recovery