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Dreams - Signs - Symbols

In search of knowledge (French version)

Teacher's studies. The spouse. And the mathematical question.

Dream #1: In search of knowledge

In Search of Knowledge - Understanding Your Dreams - Kaya

Share: 3 short situations... 1) In my dreams, for months, recurrently: Dream: I'm looking for a book, and I can't find it in the library, so I wander. Sometimes I can't even find the library. Sometimes by chance I come across a dusty book in an attic or that I bring back from a distant country, but then either I cannot open it (although it is marked "written for (name of the dreamer)", sometimes even in 3 volumes), or I give it directly to someone I trust without reading it.

Last night I couldn't find the book, nor the common library, nor even my personal library, but for once I have an idea of the contents: I was looking for a math exercise book, with problems that involved a rabbit.

I don't know if it's always the same book I'm looking for, but every time I can't find it it's the same thing: I wander, I'm lost... and I wake up with a strong feeling that the solution is inside and that I'm missing something. I am always very disappointed and frustrated that I missed it again.

Dream: I have almost no clothes on in some of my dreams, and I don't mind, I don't even seem to notice: for example, I'm in the hallways of a school wearing just a blanket, or I'm driving my car in my underwear. Usually, others point it out to me, but I don't care.

Share: Being on professional standby, I asked for a dream to know if it was right to go back to my teacher's studies, which don't really fit me but I didn't finish, or to commit to a job, and if so, which one. Here's the answer:

Dream: I see myself preparing a potion, a remedy. Then I go to a school to serve the meal to the students (I am then a student myself). When I finish serving, I have almost nothing left. My friends didn't wait for me to eat and my boyfriend forgot our date. I decide to eat alone at the bus stop.

There, I met a former colleague from my teacher training with whom I was very close; he talked to me about finishing the master's degree, and I said that it didn't concern me because I was going to market my potion. However, I still try to finish my studies afterwards; but in a dilettante way, not in a serious way, by skipping some courses. Then I look for a mathematics book to do an assignment with exercises about a rabbit. I can't find it, neither the university library nor my own library, but basically I don't care, and I give up the search. Then I wake up.

Dream #2: The water hole

The Watering Hole - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Share: I've had two dreams that intrigue me. This one a few days ago...

Dream 1: I was at the edge of a water hole with my partner and I had a newborn baby who was falling into this dirty, dark water hole. I wanted to jump but I was afraid that he (the baby) would be far away. I was waiting for my partner to jump in because it would be like him to rush to the rescue in an emergency situation but he just turns and walks away!

So I jumped in the water and finally the baby was not too far away. When I pulled him up, he hadn't sucked up any water and started breathing. I was relieved and in the end it wasn't so bad.

Share: I had a lot of dreams about running out of air a few years ago and I was really holding my breath, waking up gasping for air!!!

My spouse finally joined me next to the baby.

Share: That day I had an argument with my partner and I told him that we were separating (we are still together for now!)

Dream 2: I was with a handsome man with whom I felt good and recognized love. We were in an old house with a little boy who had to open a door behind which were 3 witches that he killed with a knife.

Then the door closes and I have to open it with an iron rod. I open it and see the witch, it's a doll but quite pretty and didn't have a hat, broom, etc. I also have to kill her with a sword. I close the door and go back down with this man and boy.

Outside, we are in a campground while people are packing up their things; there is my sister with her spouse and her family who are going home. Then in the distance I see a beautiful car, BMW, white, shiny, clean, driving with the handsome man who accompanies me (and who is at the same time in his car and next to me) and I say to myself that, finally, I am living joy, abundance, peace, love.

Share: In reality, I am going through a difficult period with my partner, which seems to drag on. We have 3 children (6, 3 and 1 years old) and I wanted to leave him, I asked the question to receive a dream, but I have difficulty interpreting the signs and dreams again.

Dream #3: My mother

My mother - Understanding your dreams - Kaya

Dream: I am in the house in Pakistan. My mother is looking for my brother and sister, she wants to solve a mathematical question. She looks at me and she says, mocking me, "If I ask my daughter, she will answer: I don't know." Then I imagine myself immediately afterwards in an asphalt street (abandoned) and there are flowers growing in the middle of the street. I leave bouquets for people who are going the same way.


Teacher's studies. The spouse. And the mathematical question.

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Theme: Dreams, Signs, Symbols
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In search of knowledge (French version)

Teacher's studies. The spouse. And the mathematical question. [...]



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