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Lectures on profound and multi-dimensional topics, presented by experts in Symbolic Language accredited by our Teaching and Research Center.


Web conferences

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My inner journey to healing (English version)
You have in you the wisdom that heals, and once healed, you will teach the world how to heal
Date: 11/August/2022
Time: 09:30

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Topics that change the world.

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Other themes to discover

The neuroscience of the soul (English version)
The brain as a mystery. Perception, memory, regulation of emotions. And the deep secret and symbolic messages that underlie them.
There is no chance (English version)
To deepen the link between our dream life and our concrete life. Develop a multidimensional view of life. And discover that everything is mathematical in the Universe.
The hidden face of cannabis (English version)
A reflection on the legalization of cannabis. Touching testimonies. And important keys to understand the effects of this plant on multiple facets of a life.
Ego - a soul's journey to better understand itself (English version)
Gradually remove the veil on the ego. And decode symbolically astrological predictions, scars and accidents encountered in life to better understand oneself.
Premonition (English version)
Recognize premonitory dreams, or simply not be afraid of them anymore. Receive your own evidence. And make the difference between an illusion and a premonition.
The beginning of the quest (English version)
The artistic journey of a young teenager, from drawing to teaching art, passing temporarily by graffiti. And a quest to find the Light.
The true story of our nightmares (English version)
Fears, doubts, needs, repressions. The essential and positive role of nightmares on the development of the personality. And understand your nightmares to accelerate your evolution.
Why am I too nice (English version)
Saying yes too much to please. Having difficulty saying no. And the keys to reprogram the right kindness in yourself.
Communicating with simplicity (English version)
What can interfere with communication. Non-verbal communication. And the essential keys to communicate with ease.