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Decode your Dreams

Every night, you dream and experience intense things, but you don't always know how to understand them... With Kaya, discover the multi-dimensions of dreams through these conferences presented live every 2 weeks. An expertise of more than 25 years in the interpretation of Dreams, Signs and Symbols.

Decode your Dreams

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Other themes to discover

Constipated on vacation
Constipated on vacation – 19.02.2024
A lady with a necklace. A boy's letter. And a challenge in the toilets.
Energize the soul – 05.02.2024
A not so restful rest. A meeting ending up in a dance. And a story's ending about business and love.
Trapped Galaxies – 22.01.2024
A galactic odyssey. Otherworldly energy sources. And a lion in the middle of a rooftop party.
Extra kids in the daycare – 08.01.2024
A delicate daycare situation. Creature from other worlds. And dreams that matter for the future.
Long red capsule
A red capsule given by the father dreamer and the meaning of meeting animals along the way during a dream.
Doorbell at night
A doorbell and a spirit that came in.
The race
A race full of obstacles and a family meal that takes time to prepare
Wake up call
A sudden awakening and a scene in the park that conceals many needs
Trying to end drug trafficking
A detailed symbolic interpretation. Dreams, sharing, deep questions. Coming soon.