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Understanding Angels

Modern and inspiring courses presented by Christiane Muller, to understand what an Angel represents, and how their energy can manifest itself in our daily lives.

Understanding Angels

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Becoming better, one Angel at a time.

Angel 21 Nelkhael - When daily life teaches us
Une conférence pour apprendre avec une conscience angélique via la connaissance du langage symbolique et donner ainsi de la multidimension à tout ce qu'on apprend et enseigne ...
Angel 13 Iezalel - Understanding the meaning of fidelity
A conference with via the apprenticeship of symbolic language, concrete examples and guided meditations, we will learn how to understand an angelic consciousness and how to always be faithful to the Divine Principles…
Angel 5 Mahasiah - How to rectify your mistakes
Understand how to act while rectifying mistakes before materializing to create a harmonious life
Angel 65 Damabiah - The Fountain of Wisdom in the emotions
Live with an abundance of positive emotions and radiate spiritual values with Wisdom. Emotions are Life...
Angel 57 Nemamiah - Developing discernment
A lecture to help us develop true discernment, to see clearly in depth and make the right choices...
Angel 52 Imamiah - Learn to recognize your mistakes
Better understand how to free ourselves from our inner prisons, from unhealthy relationships, in order to live in peace. Find fully its self-esteem...
Angel 64 Mehiel - The True Inspiration
Receive fertile inspirations, practical solutions and see life in color again.
Angel 29 Reiyel - Reaching the High Peaks
To develop the spiritual autonomy that leads to the highest summits of consciousness.
Angel 28 Seheiah - Happy longevity
Being afraid of the future. The impact of rash and impulsive actions. And the secret of happy longevity.