From a very young age, drawing and painting have been part of Emmanuelle's life; her natural talent for this artistic expression is revealed. To perfect her skills, she took courses at the Beaux-Arts with a specialization in "comics and illustration. Her greatest wish was to illustrate a work of art that had meaning and inspired people. She pursued various studies to teach - to this day - this artistic subject, whether to young children or to adults.

Her spiritual life grew in parallel with her teaching career. She is interested in different religious, spiritual or esoteric traditions. She asks herself existential questions, and then one day she finds her answers thanks to a sky blue book that a friend gives her: it is "The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets written by Kaya and Christiane Muller. Finally! she said to herself. She felt the accuracy of these words and thus discovered the Teaching of Traditional Angelology. From then on, working with the Angels became part of her daily life, as did learning the symbolic language to interpret her dreams. By finding her own answers, the meaning of her existence, her artistic dimension never stops evolving and is fully enriched. It is by accepting the proposal of Patrick and Régine Thomas to illustrate their book of Angelica Yoga for children, that she can materialize this angelic dimension through her great talent and all her artistic finesse. The complementarity of her inner and outer work can finally express itself here and take its full meaning.