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Dominique was born on June 8, 1955 in Bordeaux, France. One of his teachers recognized his talents and opened the way to artistic studies. After the School of Applied Arts, he attended the School of Fine Arts with a specialization in painting. Dominique decided to work in different "practical" professions in order not to lose contact with everyday life while continuing to paint and draw in his free time. In 1983, he moved to Switzerland and started a family with his wife Lisa. A few years later their daughters Julie and Marion were born. Various jobs in the advertising field (decorator, letter painter, silkscreen artist, graphic designer) allow Dominique to keep his freedom of expression; he prefers to stay out of the exhibition and gallery market.

In 2001, he decided to set up his own business as an illustrator and designer. With his wife, he attends a conference of Christiane Muller. The encounter with the UCM Teaching & Research Center was an important step in his life. The following years are marked by a great inner transformation that prepares him for a great mission: from 2006 onwards, he devotes his drawing talent for two and a half years to the creation of an illustration book about the discovery of ancient texts in Spain in collaboration with Kaya.

For my personal evolution, Heaven could not find better than this "work" to make me aware of what I live, feel, think... every day and of all the privileges I receive in addition. It is an extraordinary field of experimentation and therefore an excellent starting point to advance spiritually. I wish this work to inspire humanity...

Dominique paints to get closer to the light and, consequently, to the best of himself. It is for him a way of spiritual evolution. The message he would like to communicate to his students in his classes is that in the light, there are other messages beyond the visible reality, other dimensions that we must try to perceive and discern. Thus his paintings invite the viewers to visit their inner world to discover their own enigmas and mysteries.

For Dominique, the spiritual dimension of painting is to aspire to beauty, to purity. He tries to achieve this goal by finding themes that, through their symbolism and colors, bring the viewer closer to a world of light, of spiritual inspiration.