with Christiane Muller
Monday, 13 September, 2021 - 09:30

Do you sometimes get up in the morning telling yourself: ‘That’s enough… this has to change!’ and in the evening, you go to bed feeling discouraged as nothing has changed? Is there a dependency or even an addiction causing you to suffer, tying your stomach in knots, refusing to let go that you don’t know how to get rid of? Or perhaps you’d like to understand what leads people to develop profound dependencies? Do you sometimes gorge on too much food or too many films either to forget or so as to have vivid feelings and sensations and live through other people? Are there times when you regret what you’ve said or done because you went too far? Might you be too attached to old structures or a lifestyle that leaves no room for new ideas and renewal because of deep insecurities and fear of losing your small comforts and having to leave your comfort zone?

If these subjects resonate in you, then this lecture on the Angels, on September 13th, is for you. You are warmly welcome to Christiane’s help in understanding how to transform the memories that prevent right, liberating independence. How to stop going around in circles, how to break out old erroneous patterns, is one of the subjects that will be deeply explained in this lecture.

By repeating the ancient Angel Mantra ANIEL, you can better understand and study the story - the history - of your inner humanity with its plus and minuses so as to no longer repeat the same negative experiences. Understanding our personal and family history with empathy is also essential on a spiritual path so as not to find ourselves in repeat mode, and it enables us to open up and make way for a new, evolutive life program based on the development of qualities.

Christiane will present concrete examples, dreams and signs with their symbolic analysis, which will be a source of inspiration to activate in you the powers and qualities of Angel ANIEL, one of the 72 Angels of The Traditional Study of Angels (Traditional Angelology). A new door of consciousness is about to open for you… Are you ready?

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00