with Christiane Muller
Monday, 16 August, 2021 - 09:30

Magic… we don’t really know what this word means today, do we? Does magic exist? Or do we only believe in magic as children or when we are in love? Is it merely the product of our imagination when we sometimes dream of our Prince Charming and in the morning, in concrete reality, we wake up beside a toad? Would you like to regain the magic you felt in the beginning? Do you believe in the capacity of magical rituals to regain a lost or unfaithful lover or spouse? Could a mantra possibly be magical? Could it enter the divine program and change things? Do you think it’s possible to obtain everything through magic?

For you, is magic mainly a source of entertainment, using visual illusion and special effects? Are you afraid of magic? Afraid of the evil eye? Possession? Do you sometimes feel invaded by entities? White magic, black magic… what exactly are they? What do these terms actually mean? Have you already seen the movie Merlin and, in particular, the scene where he wakes up and sees the destiny of the kingdom and tries to modify and direct it toward good? Is that really possible? Can initiates really receive powers via dreams and signs?

If reading this introduction causes an energy to sparkle in you, then this Angel lecture is for you. Christiane welcomes you and will inspire in you the Magic that opens hearts and conscious and unconscious powers.

Our warmhearted welcome to Christiane’s lecture on August 16th, where she will present concrete examples, dreams and signs with symbolic analysis and help us understand how to activate the powers and qualities of Angel NITH-HAIAH, one of the 72 Angels of the Traditional Study of Angels (Traditional Angelology), but be prepared! You may very well receive dreams about this topic, which will magically indicate what awaits you…

« So… give good attention to your thoughts and dreams… you could be surprised… » Christiane Muller

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00