with Christiane Muller
Monday, 23 May, 2022 - 09:30

Do you know anyone going through turmoil, existential anxiety and sadness that makes them feel like giving up, dropping out? Or, do you sometime feel like this yourself?

What does it mean to hear voices, have intrusive thoughts, or become universal? What is a Revelation… I know you’d like to receive one, but are you sure you’re ready? Do you know that certain revelations can hurt if we aren’t ready… others that are right, scientific, logical, luminous… but some are deceiving… how can we recognize them?

Would you like to receive precise revelations about life, the Universe, spirituality, guiding keys for life choices regarding your couple, work, financial decisions, or other aspects?

Do you sometimes carry a burden that encloses you in a temporal, materialist circle, preventing you from having global vision? Is it really possible to free ourselves from this quickly and easily? How?

 If you wish to receive Revelations, to live true changes, then this online course is for you…

Christiane will also share concrete examples of dreams, signs, real-life experiences, and multidimensional teachings that will help us better understand how to receive revelations and regain true joy and the ability to live in stability, without feeling weighed down by Knowledge. She will help us understand the need to pay attention to the notions of escapism and seeking ease on the spiritual level that many therapists prone as keys to easy success. It is not by fleeing into vegetative spirituality or egotistical well-being and comfort that we will find peace in ourselves. The Universe lives in us, it is a Conscience that needs to grow, be harmonized, and defined, and that is one of the greatest mysteries of spiritual life and the path of self-development.

In this advanced course, Christiane will present modern, avant-garde teachings of the hidden Wisdom of Angel 17 LAUVIAH and His Divine Qualities. She will also help us better understand ourselves via symbolic language, ancient Angel Mantra practice, and the transformation of conscious and unconscious negative memories. She will share the knowledge we discover when we reach the end of the path of self-knowledge; a new stage that determines an even greater, vaster, more collective path. Taking refuge in spiritual retreat is only a first step.  One day, we have to come out of our bubble and expand our fields of competence, possibilities, life experiences so as to become, to vibrate the entire Universe. True Knowledge is only activated when we succeed in recodifying our inner program, when we raise our point of view to the causal level and develop omniscience, the capacity for communication and intuitive understanding, permanent connection with Cosmic Intelligence, all of which are gradually and progressively realized with symbolic language via studying the mechanisms of the psyche.

Thanks to this UCM conference on Angel 17 LAUVIAH, presented by Christiane Muller, international professor, and author, we will be better able to understand that the Great Mysteries of the Universe bring us back to the essence, the source, to great simplicity; but to solve and access these great Mysteries, the path is long and not always as easy or as simple as we may think.

Welcome to the advanced Knowledge of dreams, signs and revelations with the Angelic State of Consciousness, Angel 17 LAUVIAH…an Angel that prepares us to receive advanced Knowledge and understanding that nothing is singular, everything is multidimensional…

On May 23rd, 2022, with her joy and zest for life and her inspiring spiritual energy, Christiane Muller welcomes you to this online course with Angel 17 LAUVIAH, one of the 72 Angels of The Traditional Study of Angels (Traditional Angelology)

Registration: USD$20.00