with Christiane Muller
Monday, 10 May, 2021 - 09:30

‘’You promised… you gave me your word… you swore you’d love and help me…” Unkept promises that can cause anger to re-surface…Do you still feel bitter and hurt due to commitment, non-commitment, broken promises? Is commitment not innate in you? Commitment to whom, to what? Why? Might you be afraid of commitment? Hmmm… the unconscious is deep!

And humanitarian aid: how can we conceive of this in our daily life and, above all, ensure we manifest it in a right, just, well-balanced way? Is the help you give excessive or insufficient? Is your inner Super-Hero sometimes disappointed at not being appreciated enough? Or, disheartened because unable to save lives and relieve world suffering? Would you like to help someone who has lost hope and wants to know how to exorcise their existential pain, their dark, obsessive thoughts?

If you’re interested in everything regarding commitment and humanitarian aid, we warmly welcome you to Christiane Muller’s next Online Course on May 10th. Christiane will present concrete examples, dreams and signs, with their symbolic analyses to help you understand how to activate the qualities of Angel 14 Mebahel, one of the 72 Angels of Traditional Angelology. Several guided meditations will also be shared to help activate true altruism, commitment to what is right, and humanitarian aid. Did you know that commitment is also the capacity to say no… because we’re committed to respecting and living our true values…

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00