with Christiane Muller
Monday, 25 April, 2022 - 09:30

“Are you in a hurry for your spouse to change, for your work, or a particular task to be done so you can move on to something else, for your illness to be healed, or war to end? Are you in a hurry to find the love of your life? Do you find yourself wishing for an event to happen as soon as possible if not sooner? Do you dream of financial abundance finally knocking on your door?”
Patience, patience…said to be the mother of all virtues…
But how can we understand patience? Does patience sometimes have its limits, or, on the contrary, go too far and become a weakness, cowardice when you need to face inner and/or outer conflicts?
When you are hungry, do you suddenly become impatient, irritable, quick to anger? Is it normal to bang your fist on the table and declare: ‘That’s enough!’? Or, are you sometimes resigned, lazy, indolent…in a form of fake patience, enduring everything in silence but simultaneously biting your nails, inwardly bristling, even seething as regards all your feelings and all that you need to change?

How can we make good use of waiting periods and develop ease in accomplishing work and studies that seem difficult?
Learning to codify our inner computer like a Programmer Analyst of consciousness, memories… infusing it with this Light of Knowledge & Understanding, that’s what will lead you to live true Patience and be happy; I’m sure of it!”
- Christiane Muller

If any of these questions resonate in you… then this conference is for you… it will solidify a new basis and a new force of confidence for your whole life!

Christiane will also share concrete examples of dreams, signs, life experiences and multidimensional teachings to help you understand that Patience doesn’t necessarily mean inaction, but rather being responsible and simultaneously detached. Via learning symbolic language, ancient Angel Mantra practice, and the transformation of conscious and unconscious negative memories, you will be able to recodify your inner program and hence accelerate your evolution, without forcing… without impatience or that % in you that tuts and mutters or exclaims: ‘Argh!’ This recodification leads to inner Peace that nothing, not even a war, can perturb…

April 25 2022, Christiane Muller, with her beautiful maternal patience and inspiring energy, welcomes you to this online conference with Angel 7 ACHAIAH, one of the 72 Angels of The Traditional Study of Angels (Traditional Angelology).

“And be ready… Code 7 is about to be activated in your neuronal circuits! 🙂” Christiane Muller

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00