The dark side of marijuana

with Alexis Mercier
Thursday, 14 April, 2022 - 09:30

While some countries legalize marijuana, others still apply the death penalty for the traffic of this plant. Why does marijuana and its legislation raise so much debate in our modern societies? What is the meaning of this divergence of opinions around the world? Why can't we find a consensus on this issue?

"Understanding marijuana and its use reveals secrets to better understand our modern society..." - Alexis

In this conference, Alexis will present surprising and revealing facts about marijuana and its hidden side. Through touching testimonies, concrete facts and in-depth analysis, we will go deep into the effects that marijuana can create in our brain, our inner world, but also in our concrete life, our actions.

If you use marijuana, if a member of your family or someone close to you uses it regularly, or if you have used it in the past, then this conference will give you important keys to understand what leads someone to consume this herb...

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00