with Christiane Muller
Monday, 12 April, 2021 - 09:30

Love… we seek it from our parents, our family, our pet… from friends, in love relationships that may last only one Spring before wilting in the winds of life.  Sometimes we live moments of wonderful love with our spouse… with our children… But why isn’t Love always stable, steadfast, long-lasting? Why so fleeting at times?  Why does it make us sad, envious, superficial, or even create a terrifying void? And yet it’s so simple to love!

One day we hear about Universal Love … but what exactly is it? There are people who sleep with others, who do tantrism in the name of Universal Love… Others who are all charm and smiles for their neighbor…  And what about unconditional love… loving everyone and everything? How can we love everyone without getting lost ourselves, without betraying or trivializing our values, without being taken in by grandiose notions or smooth talkers?

In this lecture, we’ll talk about Universal Love and whether it is possible or not in a couple. How can we manifest such love?  Do ancient spiritual concepts lead to elevated notions of love that we don’t dare embody on Earth and manifest tangibly?  Does an oversized ego lead to an illusion of love? What is true Universal Love? Is it when we cry on seeing misery and suffering in the world or in our environment? Does forgiveness or non-forgiveness have anything to do with Universal Love?

You are interested in everything to do with Love and its complexities… We invite you to Christiane’s online lecture on April 12th, where she will present concrete examples, dreams and signs along with their symbolic analysis, and show you how to activate the qualities of Angel HAZIEL, one of the 72 Angels of the Traditional Angelology. Several guided meditations will also be shared to activate Goodness that absolves all negativism to rediscover childlike purity and Universal Love at its highest level.

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00