Why does negativity exist ?

with Haritha Nayak
Thursday, 4 March, 2021 - 09:30

Very often, when people think of negativity, it triggers memories of pains, hurts, suppression etc. This is why even in spirituality, in the beginning people seek unconsciously seek escape from their own hidden negatives. Contemplating on the negative seems sadistic to them. 

Have you also felt like this? Have you also wondered why does negativity exist at all, why god created it? Do you also seek avoidance mechanism fearing hurts or disturbance that it may cause you? Do you feel torn apart emotionally and question god when reading about wars, calamities or facing yourself conflicts? What if you come to know that to bring a transformation in life, the role of negativity when we work on it with wisdom is essential? Did you know that the Good & evil are both parts of God and that Evil is educational? Do you feel afraid of anger and shiver when faced with problems?

In this web conference Haritha will share, in the light of this divine law ‘Evil is educational’, that negativity leads to maturity & deep learning in us when we live those experiences with awareness. She will express with examples how negativity triggers reactions at both individual as well as collective level that eventually leads one to realise that everything is a state of consciousness comprising of ‘+’ and ‘-‘ at its core. Negativity has existed ever since as a very advance school of learning, and one day the initiates learn to face it with receptivity & decode their soul to realise own negativity to alchemise…and thus transform into angelic spiritual beings progressively! We welcome you to contemplate together in the light of angelic wisdom on this profound subject that touches our world as well as at the personal level.

To know about Haritha: https://www.ucm.center/en/haritha-nayak

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00