Understanding a soul's evolution through its dreams

with Geoffrey Gagnon
Thursday, 10 September, 2020 - 09:30

Did you know that through a person's dreams, we can understand their memories? Understand what the person has gone through, what hardships he or she has experienced, but also the merits he or she has cultivated, sometimes through many lifetimes...

Through this touching and profound lecture, Geoffrey will explain the mechanisms of memories and their profound influences in the construction of our lives, presenting several dreams of the same person, received over a period of 3 years. He will present the journey of this soul and how each dream brought this person further in her understanding of herself and her memories, to announce very deep steps of recovery of a potential buried for several lives...

We invite you to live a real experience of archaeology of consciousness, to discover how dreams allow us to deeply understand the history of a soul.

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00