with Christiane Muller
Monday, 10 August, 2020 - 09:30

When we're not sure, when we have doubts and hesitations, it's because something isn’t quite right, there’s a certain dissonance, resonance… our idea, thought, project, etc., isn't fully ripe for  materializing, it’s not quite time to make that decision yet. To have confidence, we need to understand; we need to understand what we are doing, what we are experiencing. We have to feel good and know that what we are doing is good for ourselves and others.

In this conference, we will learn to listen with confidence to that inner voice that speaks to us and wisely weighs our decisions both consciously and unconsciously. How can we be sure it is the right voice, the right path for us?

Did you know that confidence can be dangerous sometimes? Have you ever made decisions without complete trust or with overconfidence? We talk about the Light, but what is it exactly? Is it always there to enlighten us or is it sometimes used to shine too brightly or to manipulate others?

You want to exchange with others but how can you have full confidence? You sometimes feel exhausted and have no more enjoyment or pleasure. How can you be optimistic, without becoming hyper-positive and no longer wanting or even able to see the negative aspects?

In this web conference on the theme of self-confidence, trust and optimism, we will study the parameters that lead our confidence levels to vary, that can cause us to doubt, even prevent us from functioning and making decisions for our lives. In this conference, we will learn what divine confidence is and how to reach it in our journey through life, as well as the symbols related to confidence that appear in dreams, signs and symbolic language.

Confidence? Whether you have it or you haven’t; whether you have too little or too much, or find yourself going from a lack of confidence to excessive, hyper-, even rash confidence, this conference is for you!

On August 10th, with her joie de vivre and inspiring energy, Christiane Muller welcomes you to this online course with Angel 27 Yerathel, one of the 72 Angels of Traditional Angelology. Through concrete, tangible and symbolic examples, she will explain how to regain true confidence in yourself and in your Divine Program.

Web lecture recording: USD$20.00