Martine was born in Switzerland, in a modest farming family, with a good work ethic, environmental values and deep respect for the natural cycles of life. She remembers her childhood with her parents on the farm as happily filled with feelings of freedom, spontaneity and friendships. But already from a very young age, in her inner world, she had deep existential questions, which intensified as she grew older. She remembers an important incident that occurred when she was approx. 18 years old. One afternoon, on her way back to class, she simply froze and was unable to walk across a particular traffic bridge in her home town. She had to call her mother to come and fetch her. (This bridge is renowned for its numerous suicides). With hindsight, she now understands that it was one of the first major openings of her unconscious connecting her to her inner emptiness.

At the age of 25, she began to completely reprogram her entire being.  It was during this period that she was attracted to and experimented various types of personal development via different therapies so as to better understand herself, and to better understand the discrepancies she was experiencing in her couple. She confides:

At that time, I was thirsty for answers and understanding. I read numerous books on personal development, participated in various workshops and courses, including kinesiology, coaching, etc., until one day a friend, who was also on a spiritual path, lent me a book on Traditional Angelology, written and published by the UCM Research Center, and it changed my life. It enabled me to finally find answers to my misunderstandings and inner torment after years of research.”

This first book, and the numerous others on dreams, signs and symbols, led to a profound encounter with herself, the discovery of her sensitivity, and the multidimensions of life. Sincerely and gratefully, she explains:

It’s the best gift I’ve ever received in my entire life for my soul’s evolution and also to be able to help others to know themselves in depth, to study the mechanisms of our conscience and to understand the opening of the unconscious and the impact of our memories on ourselves and all we think, feel and do.”

Martine, who went on to study Finance & Administration, worked in the Human Resources Department for several multinational companies for over 15 years. This period led her to help, advise and explore human behavior in depth. This work and her multiple responsibilities provided her with the privilege of working with people from all nationalities across the world, and in various countries both in Eastern Europe and in Africa. This life experience is a source of profound inner wealth and a happy destiny.  Martine has always enjoyed discovering other cultures and she remembers one of her childhood dreams was to have different passports... a dream that has come true since today she is both Swiss and Canadian.

In 2008, after 15 years of work and active involvement in an American multinational, she serenely decided to give up her career and devote herself to humanitarian projects close to her heart. That is when her destiny completely changed. She will never forget the discussion she had with Kaya and Christiane in June 2008 when she offered to come to Canada to help UCM.

Since that day, she has devoted her life and multidimensional skills and competence to expanding and organizing various UCM projects across the world.

Before encountering the Teaching of Traditional Angelology, words like spirituality, Angels, etc., didn’t interest me; in fact, they even scared me in a way. But gradually I discovered all the logic and the immensity of this Teaching, which is very concrete and entirely founded on the fundamental code of life & living.

“In Traditional Angelology, understanding dreams, signs and symbols is the fundamental basis, core and essence of life, and this understanding provides us with direct access to our spiritual autonomy. I had recurring dreams all my childhood, but I couldn’t talk about them to anyone in my environment as nobody ever spoke about or took dreams seriously. Today, I feel so happy now that I have this Knowledge and can understand and help others to analyse dreams, signs, and receive inner guidance, thanks to all I have learned during the DSSI (Dream-Signs-Symbols Interpretation) training courses given by the UCM Research Center. It is so wonderful to live my life as I do right now. I can say that I live an expansion of conscience at each understanding; it is truly magical and liberating!”

Since encountering these Teachings, Martine lives her life guided by her dreams and daily signs, and her only aim and objective is to become a better person, and to learn to divinely materialize on Earth.

“For me, this Teaching is the merging of Spirit & Matter, a return to the Source of who we really are…”

Her path, her life, her experience and her UCM training have helped Martine evolve and become an ambassador and true source of inspiration for her friends and everyone who comes into contact with her. When counseling in mutual help relationships and her Mission at the Angelica Clinic, it is with all her heart and soul that Martine advises, counsels and helps you to understand that the dreams, signs and symbols you receive and encounter are there to guide and help you reprogram your life.