Linh Phan

  • UCM Assistant-Professor Linh Phan

Linh has always been on a quest for self-understanding and that matter and questions have always been at the heart of her deepest reflections: Who am I? Is there only the physical dimension ? It is with those questions in her soul that she travelled a professional path ranging from aviation, avant-garde technology, jewelry but also as a yoga teacher.

In Vietnamese, Linh means soul, and it is by going deeper and deeper into the soul, into the multi-dimensions of work that she quickly and naturally acquired positions of responsibility through out her life. 
Without really knowing it, her life was already predestined to a spiritual and collective life in the most profound sense of the term and it is through matter, through real life experiences, that Linh met the essence of spirituality.

In 2015, Linh met her Professors Kaya and Christiane Muller which was a decisive turning point in her life. One year after this celestial meeting, the DSSI (Dream-Sign-Symbol-Interpretation) training was created in Vietnam and she decided to register in order to explore her inner world with the help of the Symbolic Language. From discovery to discovery, she realizes the depth of the spiritual world, the consciousness and unconsciousness memories that create who we truly are. That everything is metaphysical before being physical.

For more than 5 years, Linh has been Manager of UCM Vietnam, a spiritual and humanitarian non-profit organization, and through services and devotion, through studying dreams & signs, she has become an expert in symbolic language and in the understanding of the universal consciousness; thanks to her love for evolution, and sincere wish to become every day a better person. During these years of studying and working in a spiritual environment, dreams knowledge, hidden wisdom, and the understanding of guidance through dreams, have become progressively the compasses of her life.

Today, Linh works, hand in hand, with her husband at UCM Vietnam, Ân Nguyễn, as certified DSSI Therapists and Assistant-Professors. It was in their most beautiful dreams that they met each other and saw the amazing destiny that the future is building every day for their life happiness. Together, they work for humanity to spread this very advanced Initiatic Teaching to give what they have received from the Universe: Knowledge, Wisdom & Love.