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Learn to interpret your dreams with the DSSI Training

We all dream every night, whether we remember it or not... And very often, these dreams can seem more real than reality... What is the meaning of these mysterious images that come to us during the night? What message do they have for us? And if they had something to tell us... Revelations to pass on to us to improve our lives...

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Learn to interpret your dreams

The UCM Teaching and Research Center is pleased to present this free online discovery event, which brings profound and advanced understandings of dream interpretation and signs that we may receive in our daily lives.
For more than 20 years, our trainings have been attended by doctors, psychologists, nurses, therapists, teachers, business people, housewives and retirees from many countries, and our team of Symbolic Language experts has analyzed more than 100,000 dreams and student papers from a wide range of cultures and social backgrounds, and is now sharing this knowledge through unique trainings worldwide

Research on more than 50,000 analyzed dreams

Based on the research work of Professors Kaya and Christiane Muller, in 2013 we developed the DSSI Training (Interpretation of Dreams - Signs - Symbols), via an in-depth program allowing each person to learn to analyze his or her own dreams, but also to become an accredited expert by our Teaching and Research Center.

6 hours of free workshops and conferences, presented in French

12 unique workshops presented by Symbolic Language experts from several countries
(Canada - France - Switzerland - Belgium)

The IRSS Training presented at this event is an international 100% online training course, with assignments reviewed by an instructor each week.

Detailed presentation of the DSSI training program

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