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We are grateful to Google for its 120 000 USD grant to our Teaching & Research Center for publicity on the Google Adwords website. 

Located in Mui Ne, Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa is an award-winning beach resort in Vietnam offering 147 bungalows, cottages and luxury rooms. We're known for our lush gardens, traditional village paths and Water Lily Spa. Come visit and be a blissful bamboo villager! https://bamboovillageresortvn.com

Naturally Nova Scotia Organics  is an official sponsor of UCM, a non-profit organization. Naturally Nova Scotia is a Canadian pioneer in organic health products, and supports sustainable and ecological agriculture practices throughout the world.  Naturally Nova Scotia's President, Dr. Nancy Smithers, D.C.L.,is a real philanthropist and has a vision to work and support the development for a better world. We thank her for sponsoring our non-profit organization.To know more about NNS, you are welcome to visit this 100% certified organic company at www.novascotiaorganics.com


Les Jardins Fruités : www.jardinsfruites.com 

Angelicode is an official sponsor of UCM; our heartfelt thanks for  the creation of the UCM website. To find out more about this talented company based on the values of competence, social engagement and integrity, please feel free to visit their website: www.angelicode.com



Yeiayel holding ltd is a foundation that officially sponsors UCM. The president, Dr. Nancy Smithers, D.C.L. is a true philanthropist who wishes to offer concrete help in making this Teaching known throughout the world. Our heartfelt thanks for her great generosity and altruistic support.

Renophase is a Research, innovation, manufacturing and international distribution laboratories. Multilevel protocols technology in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.


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Do you know that you can donate and help UCM financially by becoming a sponsor, which in turn becomes 100% publicity for you as a company. We can draw up an advertising plan as sponsor of one or several of our projects and hence give international visibility to your firm. Our website is ranked Top 500-700k in the world. To discuss the various opportunities we can offer, contact us today at:  goodwill@ucm.ca