Would you like to organiZe a lecture?  

Our different Professors, Authors travel throughout the world to spread the Teaching of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Symbolic Language, Dreams, Signs & Symbols, Meditation and Yoga. It is therefore possible to organize an event with them in your region, in all simplicity:  

If you are interested in organizing such an encounter (lecture, workshop, concert, seminar, or any other event), heartfelt thanks for contacting us at the following address: org@ucm.ca

What's involved?

Firstly, we decide on a date and we help you look for a suitable venue for the event in question. It could be a room in the city hall buildings, a large sitting-room in your or a friend's house, an hotel or hostel, etc. Then, we prepare the posters, brochures, and advertising links on our website for your friends and contacts in your region, and we study together the various promotional activities that could be undertaken. All expenses (lecture hall, promotional material, etc.) are covered by UCM . Also, if you have a friend or know someone who could help to accommodate the lecturers for 1 or 2 days, that would also be a great inspirational help for the host or hostess. If this isn't possible, then we organize accomodation in a modest hotel or hostel in your region, in all simplicity. 

Would you like to help us or join a team of helpers in your region? Wonderful! You'll see, it's easier than you think, and it's help that will also help you, because service is one of the greatest sources of evolution... For more info, please contact us at: org@ucm.ca