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financing sources

Each year, our non-profit Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) needs new financing to materialize its development. If you so wish, you too, according to your means, can help ensure this Teaching continues to be diffused throughout the world. In the form of a donation, you can contribute to schools projects in India, Vietnam, to the printing of new books, to help organize lectures, etc. and hence support the continuity of the development of UCM. 

A volunteer-based structure ...

Universe/Cité Mikaël (UCM) is essentially a volunteer-based structure. For the moment, only a few people are remunerated and receive a truly moderate salary. 

With its altruistic management, UCM has always been an inspirational, exemplary model of volunteering, goodwill, and humanitarian devotion. The humanitarian philosophy, inspired by its co-founders, Professors Kaya & Christiane Muller, Jean Morissette & Nathalie Lavergne, has become a source of energy, commitment and involvement for over 800 volunteers throughout the world. 

If you would like to help us... 

Through your ideas, talents, capacities, and the resources you have at your disposal, this is an empowering opportunity, if you so wish, to help diffuse this Teaching throughout the world. You can offer the world the benefits of Working and Knowing what is Emotional Intelligence, Symbolic Language and Dreams-Signs Interpretation. 

know that each initiative, each idea, each sum has its creative place...

If you feel called to make an act of financial philanthropy and goodwill, please contact our Voluntary Administrator, the Lawyer Jean Morissette at:


For credit card donations, you can use OUR DONATION SECTION VIA PAYPAL;

for bank transfers or checks, see our postal address below:  

UNIVERSE/CITY MIKAËL (UCM) Non-profit Organization inc. 
51-53, St-Antoine Street, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Qc, J8C 2C4 - Canada
BANK: Caisse Populaire Desjardins, 
77 rue Principale
, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts (Québec) Canada J8C 3A1
Beneficiary: Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) non-profit organization, inc.
Account number: 082-643
Branch : 30190 / Transit : 815
Reference: Donation ((note: If you wish, please inscribe your name and address in the reference)