Jennifer Cabley

« My interest in drawing started very early in my life, when I was around 6 years old. Since then, I have always had a natural ability to draw what I see, with the right proportions. In the first part of my life, I used drawing as an outlet, to escape into an imaginary world, without really understanding why. Sometimes I would also draw to get recognition or love from my loved ones.

Today, when I draw, it is as if I were also participating in the scene, in an introspective way. Every detail becomes part of me. Everything takes shape simultaneously on my drawing and inside me. I "am" the character(s), the landscape, the shapes, the facial expressions because I must "become" all the elements if I want to know how to represent them.

All the details become more important. Drawing is an incredible zoom on what surrounds us, which sometimes appears insignificant because we think we have seen it so many times. We should always look, study our environment like a drawing. I looked more deeply at each character, atmosphere, object, point of view... In the end, I looked at everything as if for the first time with in a more reflective, multidimensional way.

Drawing is the access to a new vision that allows us to concentrate more deeply and thus to discover other facets of the world that surrounds us. You can always allow yourself to look at life differently…

When I was drawing, I asked myself so many questions. Would I like to be in this landscape? Is the atmosphere beautiful, the people happy? Is the building structured? If I were there, would I feel good? Is my drawing right? What message would I like to convey? I have truly travelled in many spheres of my consciousness through this coloring book.

I invite you to undertake the same journey, using the colors that make you feel good and questioning your feelings. When I made this booklet, I imagined creative colorings with multiple shades, colorings with patterns, others with felt-tip pens, paint, colored pencils, pastels... I have imagined budding artists who even add other drawings to their colorings; I also thought that some might have the idea of telling a story…

Today I am fortunate enough to be a happy woman, fulfilled in my marriage and a mother of three beautiful children to whom I want to pass on my love of drawing.»

 Creativity is like the universe – it is infinite 

I would like to thank Régine Thomas, who accompanied me with her knowledge of the symbolism of the drawings, and with such kindness in this beautiful project.