Feeling different from everyone around you, as though parachuted into this life from an entirely different planet, where everyone has received directions for this great adventure except you… Being so sensitive that you perceive everyone’s thoughts, the slightest movements of their mind, what they think of you… Isabelle has experienced precisely this since earliest childhood.

As a young girl, with deep, existential questions, Isabelle lived in an almost permanent state of ill-being. Her hypersensitivity caused her to question the very meaning of Life. This essential quest led her to study all sorts of spiritual and religious traditions as well as to various decisive encounters, but without truly finding what she was looking for. As she sensed the existence of great organization in the multiple motions of Life, she was in search of the key to understanding what created the perfect coherence she knew existed in the entire Universe.

Her destiny changed when she discovered the works of Universe/City Mikaël (UCM)’s Teaching & Research Center on symbolic language and emotional intelligence. This opened up a whole new, expansive way of considering life and relationships with others and oneself, and offered concrete tools of self-development, understanding and depth; the Code that her entire being had been seeking so intensely.

Since then, she has been working to apply this teaching and transformational knowledge to all aspects of her life, renewing, improving and embellishing it as she deepens her understanding and works on herself. Quite naturally, she became involved first as a volunteer before being offered a permanent position in the UCM Teaching & Research Center in 2013, where she works and helps UCM teachers diffuse the understanding of the importance of dreams, signs and emotional intelligence, all of which lead to self-fulfillment via self-knowledge and understanding.

Through her work, she continues to learn to marry spirit and matter and to apply wisdom in all her relationships. Once a limitation, her profound sensitivity has now become one of her greatest forces, helping her to read and accompany others in their world.

Isabelle is motivated by a sincere wish to inspire and help others find answers, regain confidence in their potential, and to discover the true meaning of spiritual autonomy, which makes Life a profound, intense, enlivening, magical adventure!